Editor's note: Bahamas Celebration ran aground in 2014 and sustained such significant damage that it was retired, and its owner, Celebration Cruise Line, shut its doors. Besides being the only cruise ship sailing from the Port of Palm Beach, 1,200-passenger Bahamas Celebration has a few other distinctions: It only sails to Freeport, and its cruises are two-night roundtrip voyages. With affordable prices, Bahamas Celebration is a solid choice for first-time cruisers who don't want to commit to a longer, more expensive voyage before testing the waters. Because of its low commitment -- and the fact that the drinking age goes down to 18 once the ship is out of U.S.
Bahamas Celebration is also known as the cruise ship touted in the "free cruise promotion" from a domestic wholesaler.
This is, without a doubt, a party cruise, especially during weekends when a high number of Floridians set sail on short getaways.
Although there are children's facilities available, Bahamas Celebration isn't geared specifically to families like some of the other mainstream lines.
Attire on the ship is extremely laid back, so rock those flip-flops, shorts and tropical shirts. Bahamas Celebration will automatically add $12 per person, per day, onto each passenger's bill for waitstaff and room stewards. I purchased a 7 day package for 2 hotel stays and a 3 day cruise for $1100.00 with meals included and the upgrades. I pick this cruise for my honey moon , I call them and I talk with a sells represent , she tall me the cruise is all includ except the alcohol for 482$ 2 persons. Our family of 6 was blessed with a cruise through Bahamas Celebrations partnership with an organization called Children Beating Cancer. With ships that have towering lobbies, theaters, workout rooms and more glass for spectacular viewing than any other ship.
Bahamas Cruises present a breathtaking vacation encounter that the whole family may treasure concurrently.

A Carnival cruise to the laid back islands of The Bahamas is the perfect vacation to relax and unwind. Search here to find the best Cruise Deals, Cheap Cruises, Cruise Packages, Discount Cruises, Cruise Specials and Rates and the most beautiful Travel Destinations in the Caribbean Sea.
A cruise with your favourite cruise ship is an ideal way to travel for your next vacation to Half Moon Cay, Bahamas!So, enjoy cruising to Half Moon Cay and all the beautiful islands in the Caribbean Sea, and have a pleasant stay! Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line is run by many of the same executives who ran Celebration Cruise Line, which has been out of operation since its only ship hit an underwater object back on October 31.
The 1,800-passenger Grand Celebration previously operated as Carnival Celebration for Carnival Cruise Line from 1986 to 2008.
Similar two-night cruises out of Palm Beach are now offered by Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line on Grand Celebration (formerly Carnival Celebration).
The company also offers a unique cruise-and-stay package that allows passengers to "check out" of the ship and into a resort on Grand Bahama Island for two, four or six nights before rejoining the vessel for the return trip. That being said, the sales team can be relentless in their efforts to sell shore excursions, alcohol packages, wine tastings, specialty dining and other a la carte items.
Although the lowest-priced cabins are extremely small, upgrading to "standard" cabins offers more traditionally-sized rooms.
During March and April, it's also filled with college students on Spring Break, taking advantage of the Bahamas' legal drinking age (18).
Putting a privacy sign up to prevent the staff from cleaning cabins does not prevent this charge from appearing. This was actually my 3rd cruise and my wife and I have already booked our 4th, departing from Miami to Key West, Nassau and Cococay. A birthplace to amazing old style design, sunlit shores, elegant shopping, scorching nightlife, savory cuisine, these cruises to the Bahamas have become one of the best tropical holiday destinations. First class cruise lines that trek to the Bahamas offers various Bahamas cruise packages with stopovers on their respective private islands.

EST) – New cruise line Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line has purchased the ship once known as Carnival Celebration from Costa Cruises.
In 2008, it was transferred to Iberocruceros, Carnival Corp's defunct Spanish brand, where it sailed a variety of itineraries through 2014. These additions to the ticket price can quickly increase the original, competitive cruise fare that passengers booked. Bahamas Celebration is not quite a mega-ship, but entertainment onboard and a festival-like atmosphere can make this a downright enjoyable way to travel to the Bahamas. Passengers planning on dining in the specialty restaurants or the Crystal Dining Room (which is one of two complimentary options) should wear more formal attire: a cocktail or sundress for ladies and button-up shirt and dress shoes for men.
In addition, a 15 percent charge is added to bar bills, and $9 per person, per day, is levied for fuel surcharges, which is made clear during check-in. If you merge everything with the ambiance of a Carnival cruise, you get a retreat of a lifetime. Biggest aquarium in the world (I think) and very cool water slides that go through an aquarium. However, those who decline the extras can still obtain a below-average rate on their Bahamas cruise vacation. The age group ranges from early 20s to late 60s, with the majority hovering around their early 40s to 50s. They do enforce the dress code, so those attempting to enter in sneakers and jean shorts will not be allowed (although Rio's accepts everyone). The Norwegian cruise lines offers an equally exciting cruise package to Nassau and its private island Great Stirrup Cay while Royal Caribbean cruise lines have scheduled journeys also passing through Nassau and their island Coco Cay.

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