We don’t usually stop for full technical run throughs on balloon tired path pedalers, preferring to do some cruise by shooting of the best ones.
There were plenty more around the show with the Springer leading link fork design and other nifty designs, and the best are at the bottom of the post! Adriatica had this cute kids 24″ cruiser with gears, fenders, lights and a beautiful creme-on-black colorway. Another won without a brand to go with it, just love the curves and lines of this lowrider cruiser. And this one had a bit of a cafe racer theme going with a bit more modern front suspension and headlights.

Would it have been so hard to put the disc tab on the non-drive side of the fork on the white bike? With a leading link front suspension like that if the brake is applied in a situation like going downhill, it UN-loads the suspension rather than compressing it.
Want to Contribute?We’re always looking for enthusiastic, positive and talented writers that know their way around both a bicycle and sentence structure. Rear disc brake, built-in blinky taillight, internally geared rear hub and simple aesthetic really made it stand out. Now the Avid rotor is on backwards and is not going to brake as effectively as if it were going the other direction.

Inspired by the eighties, the Carhartt 24inch BMX cruiser has the traditional chrome look and for the 80s style must-have toptube pad. In order to provide the best bike, Carhartt teamed up with wethepeople, who has the expertise and specialist knowledge of modern BMX bikes and parts. Carhartt takes the chance of bringing this sport closer to everybody and closer to the everyday life.

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