Filling your lens with the vast landscapes, abundant wildlife, and natural beauty of the Inside Passage is simple. While on-board our Alaska small ship cruise , the following sample itinerary below is just one of the many ways you can spend your seven day cruise. Day 7 – Return to Petersburg via Frederick Sound and get another Humpback whale show on the way. We are an equal opportunity provider and employer, operating on the Tongass National Forest under special use permit from the USDA Forest Service. With Over the Seas Expeditions, you have the exclusive use of a small, luxurious, Nordhavn trawler yacht for your private cruise in Prince William Sound.
Check out our Trips and Dates page or contact us with questions or comments about booking an Alaska adventure cruise of a lifetime. We loved our light adventure cruise from Juneau to Ketchikan because small cruise ships give their passengers a real up-close and personal look at the Inside Passage of Alaska. Most small ships are very homey, and the passengers act like one big happy family--dining, drinking, and comparing travel stories.Small ship cruises are often more like a traveling family tour with a guide than a traditional cruise. Since Juneau is a very popular cruise ship port of call, we were not surprised to see four mega-ships in port. Skagway looks much like it did in the late 1800's, although many of the buildings were moved to their current location and house gift shops and restaurants rather than saloons and brothels. Our bus driver had brought a group up from Skagway who were riding the return train, so we boarded the bus and rode down the mountains to Skagway. Haines is connected to the rest of the world via the 154-mile Haines Highway, which links to the famous Alaska Highway. It was a wonderful shore excursion, and we had brownies and hot drinks when we got back to the river landing. From the breath-taking mountains, glaciers, and waterfalls, to the truly unique array of wildlife, photo-op’s await you and your camera around every corner.
The ships touch on the magnificent sites in the Inside Passage and visit several of the quaint historic towns along the way, without ever leaving sight of land. You won't find any casinos, organized onboard activities, formal nights, or evening entertainment.

We flew into Juneau via Seattle and were met by a friendly Cruise West representative, who told us about Juneau as we drove into town. After eating a late dockside lunch and watching the float planes, we wandered the streets and browsed in the numerous souvenir shops.
Skagway looks a little like it has been recreated by Disney World.The most popular sunny day excursion in Skagway is a 28-mile ride on the small gauge White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad to Fraser, BC. Because of its size, picturesque setting, and remoteness, many think Haines is one of the nicest towns in Alaska.
By dinnertime on the ship, we realized what a long day it had been and all we had seen and done. We can arrange for shore landings virtually anywhere you would like to go, giving you chances to take photos of landscapes and scenery you’ve only ever dreamed of. Small ships often have a friendly, informal atmosphere and offer exceptional learning opportunities and fantastic itineraries.
She also told us that Cruise West had an information desk at the Goldbelt Hotel, where we were staying overnight. A bus picked us up at the ship and did a short driving tour of Skagway before our small group boarded a private car on the train.
Only small ships can dock in Haines, but cruisers from the big ships can visit via water taxi or excursion from Skagway. The passengers on the Spirit of Yorktown who did not do an optional excursion all came back raving about how much they loved their included walking tour of Haines.In addition to the quaint town of Haines, the area is best known for its bald eagles. Get up close and personal with wildlife you’ve only seen in magazines, or position yourself atop a mountain ridge for the perfect picture of the sun setting over majestic Alaska. You will find interesting people, educational experiences, great food, and innovative itineraries. After checking into our room, Ronnie and I explored downtown Juneau, and saw our ship already docked right across the street from the hotel. In the early evening, after the mega-ships had sailed away, we took an excursion to the Mendenhall Glacier. The small town boomed to 20,000 residents and became littered with saloons, brothels, and criminals.

I was happy to see the classic train car had its own restroom and that we had access to the outside platforms at either end of the car.
The Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve has one of the highest concentrations of bald eagles in North America. Faithfully is exceptionally well equipped with safety and electronic navigation equipment to ensure your safety and comfort during the voyage.
The ride was just as we expected, passing over glacial rivers, bridges, mountain passes, high trellises, and through tunnels. You can hike and explore the surrounding wilderness of Chugach National Forest with our special use permit. As the train climbed for 20 miles up 3,000 feet to the summit, I thought about the 35,000 men who completed this 110-mile railroad in only two years, finishing in July 1900. When we reached the summit, the train rolled across the mountain plateau for eight more miles, ending in Fraser, BC. For all interested in fishing, from the beginners to the experienced anglers, there is both halibut and salmon fishing equipment aboard. The setting of the capital city of Alaska is spectacular, strung along the coastline between the mountains and the sea.
The jet boat ride on the glacial river was relatively slow, and we stopped often to look at wildlife and listen to stories from our interesting guide.
One of the most spectacular marine wilderness environments in the world will be your private domain. We watched the tourists riding the tramway to the top of Mount Roberts and enjoyed seeing a commercial fishing boat unload its catch.
We watched a moose munch on river grass, silently encouraged a baby eagle on his nest to fly for the first time (he didn't), and gazed at a flock of wild swans in a quiet area off the main river.

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