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Luna Bars are formulated with women's specific nutritional needs in mind, and they never skimp on creative flavors and combinations. These healthy bars come in seven enticing flavors and provide nearly 50 percent of your daily recommended fiber intake.
Kind Bars are full of healthy and natural fats that your body needs for optimum performance.
FucoProtein Bars actually help your body continue to burn fat naturally, thanks to its 9 simple ingredients and fucoxanthin: a natural thermogenic (fat burner) found in marine vegetables that's considered extremely nutritious.

It's hard enough when your crazy schedule makes you miss a meal, but it's even harder to have to replace it with something you can barely stand to swallow. While it's low in cholesterol, it's high in sugar (13 grams), low in protein, and contains almost no fiber (0.5 grams), which means you'll be hungry an hour after you eat it (thus defeating the purpose of a meal-replacement bar).
Although this bar may appear to be high in fat, they're the healthy fats required to keep you feeling full until your next meal.
No bar is ever as good as eating a healthy meal, but we've all had days when we need to reach for a convenient bar, so they should still taste like food!

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