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This post is written specifically for other authors who’ve written Kindle books or are planning on it. When enrolled in KDP Select, an author has the opportunity to do one of two promotions during that ninety day period; either a free promotion up to 5 days in length or broken up into parts throughout those three months, OR do a countdown promotion.
In the last few months I’ve run both a free promotion and a Kindle countdown promotion with some similar results for two different books of mind both enrolled in KDP Select.
I’ve heard many times that you really only have a good uptick if you gave away over 10,000. As you can see from the graph above, the number of downloads from the first day to the last decrease steadily and consistently, making me wonder if only one or two days would be effective for a free promotion. I’ve lazily done two other Kindle Countdown promotions, my Faith book and another title, and neither promotion yielded any results. With KDP Select countdown promotions, you can have a maximum of 7 days to promote your book at a discounted price and a ticker next to the price on your book’s page showing how much longer until the price goes up. If you compare this graph for sales of Lies About Tongues with the one showing free downloads for Lies About Healing, you’ll notice that my paid units in the second graph are but a fraction of the free units in the first one. As shown in the chart comparison above, over a week after doing the promotion my Tongues book is still sitting pretty in the categories it’s listed in.
Conversely, the healing book has had a few sales at its full price, but otherwise has gone back into relative obscurity on Amazon almost immediately.
What makes the countdown promotion worthwhile is that even though your book is discounted, you are still actually SELLING copies. The above two photos are what you could find in Amazon search results if you were looking for my book or my name while the book was number one in those respective categories. As a Kindle author and reader of Kindle books, I have noticed that I hoard quite a lot of free e-books on my Kindle device, and some have sat there for years.
Likewise I realize not everybody who buys my book is going to read it either, but the margin between those who get it and don’t read it versus those who do increases.

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Now think about how you spend a typical day and figure out how much time is devoted to these activities you despise. If any of your answers to these six questions is no, cross out the activity and move to the next item on your list of Things I Love Doing. Continue this process until you reach an activity that results in a yes to all six questions. For the beloved activity to pass the criteria of The Seven Seeds of Your Soul, it has to match no more than two of your hated activities. If you can answer yes less than three times, double circle the activity because you’ll be returning to it. After thinking more deeply, I realized they were all part of an over-arching theme: Communication.
On Monday I had 140 downloads, the highest number of sales any of my books have ever had in such a short span of time.
Sales were waning by Wednesday so I figured I’d be able to see whether listing it there was any help. But the similar part I want you to notice is that in both cases the biggest bang for the buck is on the first day, and then it has always trickled off.
At the time of drafting this post, it’s sitting at #5 in Pneumatology, and #28 in Pentecostal Kindle books. For this reason, your book gets an Amazon ranking that actually matters and doesn’t change once your promotion is over, unlike when your book is free and then for about 24 hours disappears from ranking until its paid ranking kicks in again. Meanwhile, the books I’ve got on the go at any given moment are usually the ones I paid something for, or a book I truly was interested in reading and just happened to be free one day.

So, I’d rather sell 300 books at a buck than give away thousands for free and have them never get read. For example, imagine you have a fond memory of an evening spent bowling with your grandmother. The monetary rewards are the tangibles, but what matters for this exercise is the sense of accomplishment you felt and how it enhanced your self-worth.
If you’re clear about which activities you despise, you can establish a strong foundation for moving your life forward by starting to let them go.
You have to stop doing most of these things because life is too short and they’re slowly killing you. 6, base your answer on whether you can possibly make money performing the activity, not whether you’re currently doing so. If you came up with more than three, chances are you weren’t being sufficiently honest with yourself. With 70% royalties on $2.99 priced books, I only needed to sell 25 copies that day to get my money back, which I did as I sold a total of 48 copies by the time I went to bed Thursday night. In the case of the countdown, I have a spike on the fourth day when I ran a paid promotion on Gospel Ebooks. Start with the top item on your list of Things I Love Doing and ask yourself each of the six questions below as it relates to the activity. Even if you haven’t done something for years, if it would still bring you pleasure, write it down.

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