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I also followed a naturopath-prescribed regimen to detox and get myself physically in better shape. For most people, a total of 2-3 months, moving from the most strict to a more relaxed stage of the diet,В is usually sufficient to clear up the symptoms and return them to their normally healthy state.В  I do know that my case is highly atypical (lucky me!).
I also wrote a post that provides a bit more information about some of my favorite ACD-friendly sweeteners, when you can eat them, and how to use them, here. The bottom line seems to be that it’s okay if you can tolerate it, if you can keep consumption moderate, and if you use organic, unsweetened chocolate or cacao. Please note, however, that I am neither a medical doctor nor qualified to prescribe, diagnose, or provide advice about what you should do for candida.В  I cannot answer specific questions about what you should or should not eat on the diet, and I cannot diagnose whether or not you have candida. You’re mentioned that you followed Stage One of the diet without any deviation from the list of recommended foods. I have been trying to start an anti-candida diet for three months, and am having a difficult time eliminating caffeine. Consumer and Trade News on products, food, venues, recipes, services, offers & competitions! For that reason, the diet we include in the book offers different variations so that people can adapt the diet to what suits them best.
Since I was determined that vegans could follow a plant-based anti-candida diet and succeed, I made sure that the complete diet protocol in Living Candida-Free was offered in a vegan variation (as well as the omnivorous options that were designed by Andrea). Most will suggest that you cannot follow a vegetarian diet and effectively fight off candida yeast; they recommend animal sources of protein along with a careful recommendation to delve into the sources of your protein so that the animals were humanely raised and slaughtered.
When you’re on a vegan diet, sources of complete protein are limited, and tofu fits that bill.
Again, I decided to try miso after the first stage of the diet and I’ve never had any problems with it. Just wondering about black tea – I decaffinate mine (by pouring out the 1st cup of water and re-using the tea bag) and I really love it and can’t find any info on why it’s not healthy!

So, as with almost everything else that isn’t straight sugar or mold, it comes down to what works for you. I have Candida, and am probably similar to you in it’s atypical and quite aggressive nature. I was diagnosed with candida last week and have been drinking the apple cider vinegar and watching my sugar and wheat intake. And if there are any specific questions you’d like to see addressed here, please let me know!
I have had your site book marked for a long time because I have celiac, along with lactose intolerance and many other food sensitivities! I understand why WA excludes most grains from Stage One, and that buckwheat, millet, and rice are allowed in very moderate amounts.
The ACD is a difficult diet to follow, especially at the beginning–but it really does get easier, I promise.
Many will use a questionnaire as well to examine symptoms, past health history, history of medications, and other factors. I allowed one non-sweet fruit a dayВ andВ also brought some gluten free flours into my life (just the grain-based ones, not the starches). I never (never, never, never) consume sugar, maple syrup, Sucanat or other high glycemic sweeteners, sweet dried fruits, tropical fruits, gluten, alcohol, fungus-laden foods such as mushrooms or peanuts, or yeasts of any kind. According to some other anti-candida diets, however, fermented products can trigger yeast reactions because of their chemical similarity to yeasts.В  On the other hand, the Body Ecology diet recommends eating lots of fermented foods.
Any fermentation involves sugars, and fermented foods in general tend to trigger candida symptoms. I wouldn’t have even tried black tea at the beginning, but now that I’ve been more or less stable for a year or so, I might be willing to try a cup of black tea and see if I have any reaction. You’ll get recipes as soon as they’re posted, plus cookbook updates and news about upcoming events!

I have been having a very difficult time keeping it under control and am happy to see that you have been successful. My sister and her daughter have celiac and her other daughter is gluten intolerant, so I’m well aware of non-wheat food.
I’m a little concerned, though, that this diet is a bit too much like the Atkins diet, even though WA does recommend that individuals use their diet rules as they see fit.
In our upcoming book, Living Candida-Free, Andrea Nakayama has devised an extensive questionnaire that can help you assess whether you have a candida overgrowth, and how serious it is. Cerevisiae is naturally present on most foods and even in the air (just as candida albicans, the most common source of CRC, is always present in and on our bodies). Apparently, the process can also generate molds, and even though they are not candida molds per se, they can trigger the same reaction. It makes sense based on my symptoms and medical history (several long term rounds of antibiotics due to intestinal infections). I have had this problem for over a year now, and this is the 5th doctor I have seen, but the first MD to make any progress with my symptoms. So to keep your digestive and immune systems from sending out alarms, it’s best to avoid the black tea.
I figure it took my body 40 or so years to get this bad, so I should give it at least 2-5 years to get better. I am sad if I will have to give up my favorites sweets and breads forever…The candida makes sense though. Looking back (after I was diagnosed and the doctor didn’t even know about this), i was on antibiotics 4 times in one year and never thought about taking a probiotic or anything.

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