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For a while, I used Vitamin Shoppe's generic brand of plain-jane BCAA powder, but it tasted like hell.
For those doing early morning fasted training, I have maintained that feeding window and added small feedings of BCAA pre- and post-workout.
However, instead of initiating the feeding phase immediately post-workout, which is the standard protocol for regular fasted training, another 10 g BCAA is ingested two hours after the first.

So on Berkhan's recommendation, I bought a couple containers of Scivation's XTEND brand of BCAAs -- but the ingredients, which include "Red #1," "artificial flavors" and sucralose, are decidedly un-Paleo. For me it is 50 grams a day which is roughly 50 caps of Poloquin’s BCAAs 3 times a day.

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