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If you like your food programmes served with a side of geopolitics, then The World's Best Diet (Channel 4), a feature documentary from the team behind Channel 4's series Food Unwrapped, would have hit the spot. The new show, on tonight at 9pm, reveals that the Icelandic combination of fresh fish, high quality meat and dairy products has ensured the secluded country has landed the top spot when it comes to the healthiest diet in the world – closely followed by Italy and Greece, proving that the Mediterranean way of life really is beneficial *books a beach holiday immediately*. Presented by Jimmy Doherty and Kate Quilton, the documentary features leading nutritionists and dietitians ranking different country’s diets based on weekly shops and typical meals and snacks.
And even further behind the UK was Australia and the US, whilst the Marshall Islands were dubbed to have the world’s unhealthiest diet.

Jimmy Doherty and Kate Quilton had the enviable task of travelling the world and lunching with the locals, as they counted down 50 diets from worst to the best.
Well, before the US landed following the Second World War, the residents of the Marshall Islands farmed and harvested all their own food, whereas now they rely heavily on additive-filled American exports including Spam and tinned vegetables.
A while ago a book was written, which explored people's diets around the world by showing a picture of their weekly shopping.
So we've created a show where we see which nations have the best and worst diets, eventually getting to the the number one diet.

For example, in Ethiopia they eat a very high-fibre diet with lots of fruit and veg and hardly any meat. But the thing was some families knew their diet wasn't particularly great but that's all they could afford.

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