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I have long wanted a pressure cooker, and after surveying with many people who have it, I narrowed down to getting the WMF Germany made Pressure cookers. So there I was scrutinising every pressure cooker ads on newspaper, narrowed down to WMF for its quality but the price was really a steep, so waiting and waiting and waiting for promotions, and FINALLY!
Each set comes with an instruction guide and also a listing of the cooking time needed for dishes like stews, vegetables, meats & seafood. To ward off your fear, I will just put it a very simple instructions of how to use the pressure cooker, let’s start with soup. Turn up to high heat on the stove, if the recipe call for 2 rings, wait till this ring to appear and once the 2nd ring is up, turn it to low heat.

Cooking officially starts when you turn to low heat, that is where the pressure will start to do the cooking. Once 10 mins reached, turn off the heat, the residual heat will continue to cook & once the ring falls back to where it original is, then you can open the pot as the pressure has already dispersed. Honestly speaking, I will just spare you with all the specs and techs, I don’t hold a Master Degree in Pressure Cooker but I really feel the most important thing is to check with people around you who have been using one, and get their advise, there is no better way than knowing others are using it and truly recommend it.
Thing to look out is the warranty, as it is electric which is not as sturdy as stove cooking ones, and as it use high pressure it is good to get one that provide a good warranty period. Oh another thing though electric cooker sometimes does loose out a bit to stove cooking compared to the taste, like e.g.

I have not heard from any of my relatives that their WMF fell apart, so I think it is really lasting.
Now that I have become the official owner for this piece of gadget, I am already so looking forward to it, especially this coming chinese new year. Actually I was checking out the pressure cooker you are seeing, judging by Akira brand, theirs should be quite affordable, because if I am not wrong it is a local brand, which compare to WMF, it should be a good option, if you want to try it out to see if it suits you.

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