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Day 8 (Tuesday), PB made another amazing meal, a recipe that he found and adapted for my detox, and it was so tasty!
I am determined to see this detox through, and feel like I’ve done myself an injustice by eating that Chinese New Year Dinner. Therefore I’ve decided to continue the detox past the required 12 days, for a further 5 days until the 2nd of February, to make up for the days preceding CNY. There has been popular demand from friends and family to do a post on the Wild Rose Cleanse.В  Although Kristin and I are not experts, we have done the cleanse a couple times and we have always benefited from it. You can always add quinoa to any recipe.В  It is a great source of protein especially on a vegetarian diet. I beat 2 eggs with a bit of water (milk or cream when I’m not on detox!), salt and pepper.

Because of the detox, my friends were forced to eat somewhere more healthy and less atmospheric, but they are all troopers and went along with it.
The mustard made it a no-go for me, but the fries were tasty, salty, and crisp – all the things you miss in a potato fry!
Cook the veal in a frying pan with the olive oil until the water from the meat has evaporated. I’ve just been online to try and determine what sort of year this is going to be for me.
I was scared that I might be limited by the choices on the menu, but the two restaurants I chose are really wonderful for anyone on a detox or health mission. Hopefully a desire to avoid this discomfort is something that will help me want to maintaining a healthy and light diet even after the detox.

This recipe called for shoulder, but the veal shank was very flavorful – he removed the meat from the bones, then saved the bones. It was not without guilt that I decided to write off my detox for this evening, I didn’t take the supplements but still chose to stay away from alcohol, drinking Perrier with lime in a champagne flute for theВ wholeВ evening (pats self on back)!

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