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Some fats, like transfats, are detrimental to health, promote weight gain, impede fat loss and contribute to a whole host of chronic diseases like diabetes, coronary heart disease and obesity.
But before you go scarfing up on all kinds of fats, it is absolutely essential to understand the difference in the various types of fats, and how to shop, store and cook with each type. Butter is rich in the most easily absorbable form of Vitamin A, necessary for thyroid and adrenal health. The entire endocrine system is amazing and marvelous and works harmoniously and perfectly when our lifestyles are harmonious, stress is low and we are eating real food, engaging in meaningful work, fostering wonderful relationship and performing some sort of exercise and inner work. With menopause, the ovaries do not produce as much estrogen; therefore, the adrenal glands and the liver have to pick up the slack and unfortunately, many women do not have healthy adrenal glands and their livers are a little sluggish.
Other healthy factors include moderate cardio, strength training, emotional expression, support of family and friends and a new-found love and respect for your body.
A big factor for the overall health for all women of all ages is our toxic environment with all the xenoestrogens, that mimic estrogen and over excite the estrogen receptors.
If you feel cold, especially in the winter season, you most likely are not eating enough healthy fat! Adrenal fatigue is one of the most misdiagnosed health issues in our society and it can lead to a host of problems, some mild and some severe. When cortisol is too high, several health issues will arise: weight gain, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, brain fog, insomnia, low sex drive and a weakened immune system.

As you can see, when the adrenals are out of balance, you will have health challenges, some which may be very severe and can make your life very uncomfortable. The most important factor to address to heal your adrenal glands is reducing the amount of stress in your life and eating a very healthy diet that consist of lots of healthy fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrates with an emphasize on green vegetables, including vegetable juice.
Achieve a healthy weight through lots of healthy fat, moderate protein, low carbs, weight lifting and low to moderate cardio. These nutrients are essential for proper brain health, nervous system health, bone and teeth health, proper detoxification and overall immune health. As a nutritionist and health coach, I am amazed at the low fat dogma that still persists in society. The above healthy fats mentioned above, coupled with fermented foods, moderate amounts of good protein, herbs for the adrenals and for hormone balance and a big reduction in the amount of carbohydrate consumption and sugar consumption will help with a smoother menopause.
It soothes and lubricates nerves, muscles, and mucous membranes, cleanses and strengthens all the organs and glands, heals intestinal lesions, dissolves hardened plaque from eating bad fats, binds with and helps remove toxins and waste products from the body, lubricates bones and joints, cleanses, fuels, lubricates, protects, and rejuvenates cells, and aids in new cellular growth.
Menopause should be viewed as a new birth for women as their bodies are changing and their direction in life is also changing; and it can be viewed and felt this way if the right steps are taken and the one of the most important steps is healthy food, especially healthy fats from animals, such as fermented cod liver oil, grass fed butter, pastured eggs, grass fed beef, wild caught fish and oysters and for some folks, raw milk, raw cream and raw cheese. Those individuals who have consumed large amounts of polyunsaturated oils, especially partially hydrogenated oils, who are suffering from certain nutrient deficiencies, or who have impaired pancreatic function, such as diabetics, may not be able to produce EPA and DHA and will, therefore, lack important prostaglandins and necessary fats for the brain unless they consume oily fish or take a cod liver oil supplement.
Butter is a completely natural food essential to your health – especially when you eat organic.

These healthy fats will nourish the entire endocrine system and it will provide the liver with an extra boost of cholesterol, the building block for all of the hormones that your body produces, such as estrogen and progesterone.
This diet can take some time to get used to, but in my professional opinion, it is the best diet to heal from cancer and bring forth health and vitality.
Adrenal fatigues sets in when the adrenals have had too much stress and have not had enough rest and time to recover; and thus, fall behind in producing enough hormones to ensure you have a healthy body and mind. All foods should be free of chemicals and the dairy, eggs, and meat should be from pastured chickens, wild fish, and cows that eat grass. Margarine and similar hydrogenated or processed polyunsaturated oils are very detrimental to your health. Kill the cancer cells and kill billions of healthy cells at the same time, which in turn, creates more cancer cells.

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    Seed flour can be used manganese, selenium, various B vitamins, phosphorous, magnesium.
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    With protein, fiber, phytosterols, vitamin E, copper substitute for almond.