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A food guide pyramid for a healthy diet is built like this: At the tip are fats, oils and sweets, all foods that we should eat most sparingly. Healthful diets contain the amounts of essential nutrients and calories needed to prevent nutritional deficiencies and excesses. NOTE: Although the USDA recommendations are a vast improvement over the standard American diet, we highly recommend a vegetarian diet for meeting overall nutritional needs, maintaining excellent health and weight. Beloved, I wish above all things, that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. God's promise still stands—if we incorporate His principles of health into our lives, then none of the diseases of this world will befall us. Fats in milk products, meat and fish help your body build healthy nerves and fight off disease. A very funny but true and informative video about unhealthy foods and why they are harmful. The eatwell plate shows the different types of food we need to eat – and in what proportions – to have a healthy and well-balanced diet.В For adults and children over five, a diet based on the eatwell plate† is important, to make sure that we obtain the wide range of nutrients we need. Your kids may not like all of the same foods as you, but it’s a good idea to get them to try foods from all of the four main food groups.

Plenty of fruit and vegetables: These are a great source of vitamins, minerals and fibre – try to eat at least five portions of a variety of different fruit and vegetables every day.
At the next level are milk, yogurt, cheese, meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs and nuts, a food group that should be consumed in some form three times daily. Healthful diets also provide the right balance of carbohydrate, fat, and protein to reduce risks for chronic diseases, and are a part of a full and productive lifestyle. Refined, processed, low fiber foods, animal fats, a lack of exercise and an ever-increasing level of stress all contribute to our current gastrointestinal health crisis. Genetically modified foods are associated with growing cancer rate, infertility rate and many diseases. Most snacks and commercial foods and even many restaurants use MSG to enhance flavor of food but it is not good for health.
Take the FREE & fun What is Healthy Food For Your Body quiz and download FREE What is Healthy Food For Your Body worksheet for kids.
At the next level of the pyramid are vegetables and fruits, which should be eaten five to nine times daily. Such diets are obtained from a variety of foods that are available, affordable, and enjoyable.

We do, however, urge you to take the responsibility for your health away from physicians, the pharmaceutical companies, the AMA, and the FDA, and claim that responsibility for yourself. The results are seen in most of our lives as many experience some minor or major breakdown of their health. They certainly have a role to play, but it is not as a substitute for your own intelligent choices and participation in your health and well-being! Research and Extension professionals in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences are involved in a number of efforts to promote healthy eating and to ensure food safety.
One way to make sure you get all of the nutrients and other substances needed for health, is by choosing the recommended number of daily servings from each of the major food groups displayed in the USDA Food Guide Pyramid, or better yet, read on. Best eat organic food and make sure it is organic at the seed level, as some GMO vegetables and fruits are being inoculated with all kinds of drugs and pesticides.

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