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The classic cartoon hero Popeye was an early champion of plant-based protein demonstrated in his theme song, “I’m strong to the finish ‘cause I eats me spinach….” For years mothers, including my mother, used Popeye as an example to encourage their children to eat spinach because it would make them healthy and strong. Nutritional research has also discovered that plant-based protein from a wide variety of sources adequately supplies all the essential amino acids required for a healthy body. You can probably guess that I am very sensitive about ideologies being pushed in place of good sound reason. While I agree on the whole of this article that vegetables contain protein, multiple studies have also confirmed that 70g of protein per day is NOT enough for the average man or woman.
Research has shown that all plants contain protein and at least 14% of the total calories of every plant are protein. If you consume 2000 calories per day from plant sources containing 14% protein, the total number of calories from protein equals 280. Jim Stoppani, exercise physiologist and senior science editor for Muscle and Fitness, who studied at the Yale School of Medicine.

Divide 280 calories by 4 ( there are 4 calories per gram of protein) to find that this diet would supply 70 grams of protein — more than enough for the average man or woman. In the largest diet study done in Europe and published in our prestigious New England Journal of Medicine this past November, foods that were high in protein and low in glycemic index did the best job for helping people maintain weight loss.
The word “protein” is derived from the Greek word proteios, meaning “ of prime importance,” perhaps explaining its preeminent position in dietary discussions today.
Classic studies of protein nitrogen balance have shown that women require, on average, 30-50 grams of protein per day and men require 50-70 grams per day based on weight.
In addition, every bite of plant-based protein offers the extra health benefits of fiber, antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals.
Also, throughout history meat-based meals were a symbol of an affluent lifestyle while those of the lower classes consumed a “substandard” plant-based diet.
Multiple studies have shown that if you are meeting your caloric needs through plant-based nutrition, you will satisfy your body’s protein requirements.

Use higher protein vegetables like spinach, kale, lentils, broccoli, beans and peas in each meal or recipe. The unspoken cultural assumption that persists today is that a plant-based diet is inferior and deficient in protein and contributes to a weakened body.
So, if you consume 2000 calories a day from plants such as spinach you could probably meet your protein requirements.Although it might be somewhat time consuming since you would have to munch through 13333 grams of spinach which would equal about 29 pounds to get your 2000 calories per day.

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