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The First Family's eating habits have always been a subject of fascination, no matter who occupies the White House.
Michelle Obama has never shied away from the occasional treat — even admitting to Everyday Health that French fries are her favorite indulgence.
Always fans of fresh fruits and vegetables, the White House chefs prepare this smashed apple jam as a seasonal treat to top bread and go in baked dishes. Michelle Obama’s work is more centered on food deserts than desserts, but she has made it clear that the right type of sweet can be part of a healthy diet.
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Best of all, sweet potato is incredibly versatile and can be used in a whole range of sweet and savoury dishes, depending on how you want to present it.
Sweet potatoes can be used to replace regular white potatoes for a healthier dish – and regular fries are one of the less healthy food choices in general, and not a choice you want to make for fat burning! But here is a mouth-wateringly delicious recipe for healthy baked sweet potato friesВ - made with just enough olive oil (or coconut oil can also work for this) to make them crispy. There are loads of recipes for sweet potato soup, from the very simple to the extremely complex.
Sweet potato goes well in salad – it’s sweetness combines well with the slight bitterness of greens (and walnuts). Although this recipe uses roasted sweet potato (as well as roasted garlic and roasted walnuts) it works quite well using steamed sweet potato and raw garlic, with the walnuts either raw or just crisped up a little in the oven (my own choice). And I don’t find I need to use sugar in my vinaigrette dressing – especially with this dish, which has enough sweetness with the sweet potato and the balsamic vinegar.
First up, sweet potato patties — perfect for an appetizer, side dish or gluten-free entree.

A flavorful and healthy alternative to the standard, sweet potato fries are antioxidant rich and have a lower glycemic index than white potatoes. For a slightly less indulgent route to ginger and sweet potato health benefits, try this warm, Asian-inspired soup.
This sweet and spicy treat calls for coconut milk rather than heavy cream, making it healthy and vegan!
For a vegan enchilada version, subtract the cheese and add some black beans with this second vegan recipe. Forgo the marshmallow-laden candied yams and buttery mashed potatoes for this lighter and more delicious Sweet Potato Puree. In this quinoa Chowder dish, sweet potatoes contrast with salty feta and sharp cilantro for a medley of fresh flavor against a background of nutritious vegetables.
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The Obamas’ chefs became the first in White House history to homebrew beer, which was served to guests during the 2011 White House Super Bowl party. In this recipe straight from the White House kitchen, regular Russet potatoes are swapped for nutrient-dense sweet potatoes, which are baked with olive oil instead of deep fried.
These berry fruit-pocket pies by White House executive chef Comerford perfectly exemplify this approach, as they’re healthy and tasty. The recipe I chose to feature here uses enough different ingredients to be interesting but not so many to be difficult.
Try them spicy, sweet, or savory and with various dipping sauces suggested in the following recipe. Immune-boosting garlic, fiber-rich black beans and beta-carotene sweet potatoes make this dish an all-star healthy option.

Try this recipe from ExtraVeganZa — black beans, sweet potatoes, almond butter and olives come together to form the perfect burger texture. From the latest healthy and green news to simple DIY tips, our informative and inspirational content empowers you to make a difference. Drizzle the skillet with oil again and add the potato cubes, onions, peppers, roasted garlic, salt, pepper, and seasoning, arranging them in a single layer.
The current White House chefs are also the first to cite a First Lady as the inspiration behind their weight loss: Three chefs, including Executive Chef Cristeta Comerford, have shed a total of 100 pounds, which they credit to Obama and her advocacy of healthy habits. To help answer that question, we rounded up five recipes from White House chefs, and gathered a few more insights into the Obamas’ at-home food habits. Serve these sweet-spud fries with your favorite ketchup, or eat them like the White House does: with baby-tomato ketchup made from fresh ingredients you've grown in your garden.
When the Obamas are dining in, one of the Italian dishes on the menu is this lasagna recipe by chef Sam Kass, which uses low-fat cheese, two pounds of fresh spinach, and lean turkey for a healthier twist on high-calorie restaurant versions. Join the conversation!Free NewslettersPersonalized tips and information to get and stay healthier every day. Drain the water and set the sweet potato cubes aside to dry while you cook the pepper and onions.
The ginger is perfect with sweet potato and carrots to complement the sweetness, and coriander adds to the Asian flavour combination.

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