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Although there are numerous potato variations out there, this post compares the two most popular: the red and the russet (or brown) potato.
Don’t wash your potatoes before storing them because it quickens their spoilage rate.
I’m a huge potato fan and only recently discovered the difference between these two types of potatoes for myself. We grew potatoes in our garden as kids, and stored them with other foods Mom put up down in a cool cistern in our basement that we converted into a food storage room (complete with a heavy meat-locker style door). Each spring, we gathered up what was left of the potatoes we hadn’t used that winter. I preboiled some russetts then fried some the next day and she had a sharp rise in her blood sugar. The russetts were refrigerated after cooking but I have been storing the white potatoes in the fridge before cooking.
Chris, this comment has nothing to do with the potatoes, although I did find the information helpful. One baked medium russet potato with skin contains 168 calories, 5 grams of protein and 37 grams of carbohydrate, including 4 grams of fiber. You can use russet potatoes to make baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, French fries or pureed soups. You have to dig deep into the hard soil with a heavy spade, and dig out the potatoes by hand. White potatoes, from my understanding, actually have more sugars per serving than a Russet potato. As a matter of fact we are about to cook some delicious shrimp adding the red and brown potatoes to this dish.

It is also called the white, or Irish, potato to distinguish it from an unrelated vegetable, the sweet potato. Russet potatoes, also called baking or Idaho potatoes, are a starchy type of potato that is very nutritious as long as you don't cover them with high-fat and high-calorie toppings.
Vitamin B-6, niacin, folate, thiamine and riboflavin are B vitamins, which turn the food you eat into energy, help your nervous system function properly and keep your hair, skin, eyes and liver healthy. They are not good for making potato salads or soups with chunks of potatoes, as do not hold their shape well after boiling. But,there is nothing better than a good Russet potato fried in bacon grease with a good sprinkling of yellow onions!
However if potatoes are refrigerated or otherwise get too cold, their starches turn into sugars. For everyone else, yes you can cook, cool, and then refrigerate potatoes without having them turn brown. Top your baked potatoes with salsa instead of sour cream and butter to limit the fat content and increase the amount of vitamins they contain. It’s possible that the russet potatoes had at some point in the process had this happen.
My wife and I do this often and then we pull them out to make a quick breakfast burrito in the morning or fried potatoes for dinner. They are also used for the manufacture of alcoholic beverages and starch.The potato is native to the cool upper valleys of the Andes of Peru and nearby countries. Mashing potatoes with low-fat sour cream or buttermilk instead of full-fat dairy products and baking French fries instead of frying them are also healthy, lower-fat ways to cook russet potatoes. Its name comes from batata, a South American Indian word originally applied to the sweet potato.The leading potato-producing countries are shown in the accompanying graph.

If you make pureed potato soup, use chicken broth instead of cream for a healthier alternative. Other major producing states are North Dakota, Wisconsin, Colorado, Oregon, and Maine.A potato is approximately 80 per cent water, 15 per cent carbohydrates, and 4 per cent protein. Sliced potatoes are fried to produce American (or German) fried potatoes, French fried potatoes, shoestring potatoes, and potato chips. Potatoes can also be dried and ground into flour for potato pancakes and potato bread.The Potato PlantThe potato plant is related to the eggplant and tomato. The fruit, an inedible green berry about Вѕ inch (2 cm) in diameter, usually does not form in cultivated varieties.The potatoes are large tubersfood-storing bodies that grow from the end of an underground stem, below the fibrous roots. They may be stored for several months before marketing.The Colorado potato beetle, flea beetles, leafhoppers, and aphids attack potato foliage, and wireworms feed on the tubers. The potato plant is subject to viral, bacterial, protistan, and fungal diseases, such as (respectively) leaf roll, blackleg, late blight, and black scurf.
Some varieties of potatoes have been developed that are resistant to certain diseases.Varieties of PotatoesAbout 100 varieties of potatoes are grown in the United States. At first it was used mainly for livestock feed.In the 1600's, the potato was introduced into North America from Europe.
It did not become an important food crop until 1719, when Scotch-Irish settlers began potato production in New Hampshire.In the 18th century the potato began to replace cereals in the diet of the poor.
The failure of the potato crop (caused by late blight) in Ireland in 1845-46 resulted in a severe famine.The potato is Solanum tuberosum of the nightshade family, Solanaceae.

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