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For a limited time, buy 2 iForce Nutrition Potassium Nitrate, 120 Capsules & get 1 FREE! Directions For Potassium Nitrate: First assess your tolerance by taking 1-2 capsules 20-40 minutes before working out.
On non-workout days, take 1-2 capsules of Potassium Nitrate 2-4 times a day to assist in recovery. Nitrates are a hugely popular ingredient these days and iForce Nutrition Potassium Nitrate capitalises on the trend for nitrate supplements by bonding nitrates to potassium, which can lead to not only increased performance and greater endurance but also better muscle defintion and vascularity.
As shown above, when you ingest a nitrate, it first converts into a Nitrite, and then ultimately into pure Nitric Oxide.

Just 1 single dose of 2-4 capsules of iForce Nutrition’s Potassium Nitrate will give you the best workout you have ever experienced. This product provides an awesome pump when taken 30 mins pre workout and stacks with any other pre workout to further enhance your workout. For a product that works quickly and reliably consider stacking Potassium Nitrate with any other preworkout supplement to maximise the pumps attainable. For 1, Potassium Nitrate contains a high percentage of Nitrates in each molecule, unlike other popular Nitrates currently available. After years of research, and clinical studies, the choice for optimal Nitric Oxide production is found in the all-mighty Nitrate.

In fact, Potassium Nitrate is 61% Nitrate, and only 39% Potassium, so this makes it possible to give you HUGE Nitrate doses, in just a few small pills. Potassium is also used due for its many health benefits such as acting as an electrolyte, enhancing physical performance, and helping to reduce cramping brought on by dehydration from strenuous exercise.

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