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To the upper right we have very pure potassium–í¬†chlorate, so much so that it bursts into flames when mixed with sugar and catalyzed with some sulfuric acid. Thermal decomposition of sodium hipochlorite to sodium chlorate works much better with dry substance – it should be avaliable as a pool additive. If you were making chlorate, you need to boil the solution for 15 minutes to destroy all remaining hipochlorate. If you were making perchlorate, make saturated solution of 127g KCl or 82g NH4Cl (you need to be REALLY sure that you don’t have any sodium chlorate in your solution, run electrolysis longer if you are unsure, ammonium chlorate is VERY unstable). During a break at OHSummit yesterday, I was talking with some folks about energetic chemistry, and the subject of Potassium Chlorate came up. Back when my paternal grandfather and great grandfather were alive, they used a mixture of pure sodium chlorate (was available in pure form as a weed killer) and sugar for blasting stumps and boulders.

The Chlorates make good bombs when you are handling them, mixing them, contaminating them with trace impurities or looking at them.
As as pyrotechnically inclined non-chemist, I’ve used sugar and Potassium Nitrate in both rockets and as campfire starters.
Electrolysis is a better way to make Chlorates, especially if you want low Sodium contamination for colour compositions.
He needed sodium chlorate so a hot plate was used to boil the bleach until crystals started to form. Add 2-4g of sodium fluoride (for lead dioxide anode) or potassium dichromate (for other anodes). You CAN make rockets with Chlorates but its easier to make bombs – intentional or otherwise.

The next step is to add potassium chloride, which is sourced from the grocery store as a sodium-free salt alternative. Chlorates tend to be impact sensitive and also may be sensitive to initiation due to trace amounts of eg sulfur. Chlorates are often the path to perchlorates – but the final step can be tricky and incomplete and if people are not able to remove the residual chlorates or unaware of the need then they may never realise what killed them. But an overnight stay in the refrigerator results in the potassium chlorate crystals seen above.

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