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PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL TELLING ME WHERE I CAN BUY BARQS RED CREAM SODA IN FLORIDA OR ALABAMA. Barq's Red Creme Soda is the best, especially for us folks who live in Michigan who are familiar with Faygo Redpop and Faygo Cream Soda, it's like the perfect combination of these two classics.
My findings revealed that Fanta Red is still actively marketed in Canada and in one or two other countries abroad, but is not currently available in the United States. I first tried BRCS from a soda fountain at a pizza parlor here in the white mountains in Arizona. I am at the Coca Cola Store in Las Vegas and I asked the lady working behind the counter if the Barqs Red Cream Soda was caffeine-free and she said No. You can get it at most Wal-Mart stores – they don't keep a lot in stock – but the more you buy, the more they will order next time !
You can find the sugary version here in Utah fairly easily, but I've been looking for the diet version with no luck.

We use barqs cream soda to poor over vanilla ice cream or chocolate depending on your preference. It's always easy for people to complain, however I want you to know you guys ( and gals ) ROCK I love all your products mostly Red cream pop, ( soda for all you weirdos ) lol.
Keep up with our beverage reviews by following BevReview on Facebook and TwitterWhen you think Barq's, you typically think about that root beer with a "bite". Additionally, after searching and cross-referencing a number of Coca-Cola associated websites who share the following claim, and performing my own taste-test, I now believe that Barq's Red Cream Soda and Fanta Red are indistinguishable tastewise and in appearance and, hence, one and the same.
I moved out to SoCal when I was 20 and have found it nearly impossible to find Red Cream Soda.
Considering that they are both Coke products, it is in my own opinion that Barq's Red Cream Soda is relabled Fanta Red to be marketed in the United States since Barq's has a more notable presence as a rootbear brand, and since most of the competition, such as A&W, also market one or more cream soda varieties. Big Lots carries Dad's sometimes, and occasionally Ralph's will have BigK Red Cream, but Barq's seems nowhere to be found.

Therefore, I set out on a quest to find where I might acquire some, as it is my favorite fountain drink. Barq's Cream Soda makes for the perfect ice-cream float, just like Barq's Root Beer makes a super good ice-cream float. If you've never tried it you need to, if you like big red you would love this soda twice as much.

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