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Other ingredients include decyl glycoside, retinyl palmitate, limonene, glyceryl oleate, disodium cocamphodiacetate, betaine, citric acid, triticum vulgare germ oil, and lecithin.
Available in neat plastic bottle of 250ml with a white cap on it, the Christophe Robin Wheat Germ shampoo should be stored in a cool, dry place to keep it untainted from atmospheric moisture and direct sunlight. The product was unveiled in 2001 under the banner of ‘Colorist’ where Christophe used it as a part of hair treatment products that should be used for colored hair. The Christophe Robin Wheat Germ Shampoo has useful proteins and vitamins that act as a mousse to the limp and fine hair.
Top10InAction is a professional product review web site that covers the merchandise and service in high tech, grocery, beauty, travel, health, finance and more. The subtle ingredients include wheat germ oil, lavender oil, olive oil, palm oil, and more which gives the hair its basic nutrients.

Although, it is just a shampoo, the Wheat Germ product nourishes the hair strands from within – giving it the extra bounce that is available for young hair follicles.
However, the product not only has the usual herbal ingredients available in a shampoo, it also contains elements to help secure the coloring pigments on the hair. The shampoo has ingredients that help to trap the coloring pigments and do not let the color to wash away. However, Christophe Robin Wheat Germ shampoo is one such product created by Christophe Robin that helps to keep the color of the hair intact and also works on the texture, bounce, and quality of the hair strands.
Along with the vitamins; the wheat proteins help to nourish the hair – especially damaged hair ends. So, Christophe Robin has suggested that after the shampoo, users should use a wheat germ mask.

Let’s check what all ingredients that this remarkable shampoo may have to give back the youthful bounce to the cascading hair.
At home, she treats it with the Wheat Germ Shampoo and Mask, alternating with the cleansing cream with lemon that brings out the blond color. 2014 : FabuleuxCe shampoing est d'une douceur incomparable, il tient la couleur, mes boucles sont bien formГ©es.

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