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Then, I was sent a coupon for a container of Kretschmer Wheat Germ and found out that wheat germ is awesome and like the Original SUPERFOOD.
Wheat germ is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids which can help lower cholesterol, lower overall inflammation and support a healthy nervous system and healthy heart.
Because wheat germ can go rancid easily (due to it’s content of unsaturated fats – which makes storing it more difficult and is why so many companies remove this healthy part), you should store an opened jar in your refrigerator to keep it fresh longer.
If you love to bake, you can add wheat germ right into your recipes by replacing a half to a whole cup of flour with it – though you should also add one to two tablespoons of water for each quarter cup you replace in your recipe with wheat germ.

Though I did read that sometimes people with a gluten sensitivity use wheat germ in their recipes since the gluten content can be fairly low – know your body and try this at your own risk.
This is so unfortunate because wheat germ contains so many good nutrients (23 if you’re counting which is more per ounce than any other vegetable or grain), protein (28 percent protein which is higher than levels found in most meats – if you need another reason to forego eating animals) and the all-important fiber (which helps with cholesterol maintenance, stabilizing blood sugar and all-around intestinal health). I will definitely be trying out new recipes with mine – next up, cauliflower tossed with a little coconut oil, some wheat germ, a little mustard and some salt and pepper then popped in the over to roast – YUM! Also, if you like adding granola to your non-dairy yogurts, adding wheat germ provides a lower-fat alternative to granola.

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