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Since the wheat germ contains a large portion of the nutrients in the wheat it doesn't take much to deliver a large percentage of the vitamins and minerals needed in your diet.
If you are still wondering why wheat germ is healthy you may be interested to know some of the illnesses it helps to prevent.
We take for granted the treasures of the health benefits natural foods available to us have to offer.
Wheat germ does have gluten, but for those who are not wildly intolerant or not at all intolerant of gluten, wheat germ is an excellent source of nutrition in small quantities. So I was looking for other ways to add it to my diet when I came across a recipe for wheat germ tea. Wheat germ contains an astounding 23 nutrients—–that’s more per ounce than any other vegetable or grain! You can find wheat germ in most supermarkets and natural food stores raw or toasted, sold in jars or in bulk.

Get the recipe for my easy wheat germ-friendly breakfast, Banana Pecan Oatmeal, and read more about the health benefits of wheat germ, how to store and how to substitute for flour in baking. Wheat germ has all of the B vitamins in it, however it has the highest levels of the two mentioned below. Once I steeped the wheat germ and strained it, the color was so light it looked like lemonade, so I turned the “tea” into lemonade! Whole wheat flour contains all three parts and so contains all of the vitamins in each part. Since wheat germ has such a pleasant, sweet, and nutty taste it is easy to put it in rolls and breads as well as other baked goods. Only 2.5% of the wheat grain is germ, but since the germ is the embryo of life for wheat sprouts, it is jammed with not only essential nutrients making it the healthiest part of wheat, it can add a great flavor to your foods, too. You add the germ to boiling water and let steep for 25 minutes, strain add the lemon and sweetener (optional) and drink.

In fact, you can substitute wheat germ for bread crumbs (or mix the two together) in almost any recipe.
You can use wheat germ to baked goods, use as a filler for meat loaves and balls, or to coat cookies, rolls, and breads, top a casserole, replace breadcrumbs- the uses are numerous. Because the natural oils are retained in wheat germ, refrigerate it to maintain freshness and nutrition.

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