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The many benefits of wheat germ are a good reason for including wheat germ oil or wheat germ in your homemade dog treats. Wheat, and breads made from it, have long been considered to be the "staff of life" or "gift of the gods".
If your dog is not sensitive to gluten, she will have tremendous wheat germ benefits, whether you include whole wheat flour, wheat germ oil or wheat germ in her dog treats. There’s a good reason that whole wheat has been highly regarded in countries all over the world and for thousands of years.

It is high in B vitamins (for enhanced immunity), high in vitamin E for heart health and it possibly gives protection from some cancers. Whole wheat flour (with the wheat germ intact) contains selenium (which may protect against lung cancer), and potassium and zinc. To add wheat germ to a recipe, simply substitute 2-4 tablespoons of wheat germ for flour in your favorite home-made dog treat recipe, to make it healthier. Unbleached flour has had the wheat germ and the bran removed, but it has not been treated with chemicals to bleach it.

Unbleached flour has fewer benefits than whole wheat flour flour, but it still is much better for your dog than "white, bleached" flour.

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    Can be used as a substitute for flour in many baked goods seeds are loaded with protein.
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    Are loaded with protein, fiber, phytosterols flour can be used as a substitute phytosterols, vitamin E, copper.