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Following a gluten-free diet doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice taste, nutrition or versatility. We’ve also included grain and starch alternatives to wheat that give you the energy you need to power through your afternoon. Kamber explained that her customers have a lot of say when it comes to designing the perfect wedding cake. Be Square: when designing your cake, choose a design that allows the tiers to be square-shaped. The most important thing to keep in mind when planning for a gluten-free wedding is to enjoy the process! Regardless of whether you are rooting for the Patriots, the Seahawks or are just watching for the commercials youВ should enjoy all of what Superbowl Sunday has to offer – including the food!
Although you do not need to send these documents in when you file your taxes, you will want them on hand in case of an audit. In the episode with the controversial scenes about gluten, Stuart is attending a sleepover at his friend’s house only to find that his dietary needs are mocked and undermined.
B) Find an episode of child’s television show post-1995 that has a plot-line where a child with a food allergy is attacked by bullies using the allergen. The thing that gets to me the most is the part of the episode where a child throws glutinous pancakes at the gluten free character. If you have been with the same job for a while most of your coworkers probably know that you are gluten free (why the lack of GF options then, I don’t know. Whenever I really don’t want to be a spectacle while ordering I engage in benign deception.В  I know this may seem over-the-top but sometimes (often, actually) I just don’t feel like putting myself on display while ordering!В  I will excuse myself from the table and say that I am going to wash up or use the restroom. Once I figure out what I can order I go back to my table.В  When the server comes I can put in an order as smoothly as my non-GF lunch date! Being gluten free in the professional world may be an extra challenge but, let’s be honest, being gluten free makes almost all food-related situations more challenging.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and, come Monday, get ready to be gluten free professionally! I know it may not be enjoyable to have a regime of pills every morning but think of it this way: we have a disease where the treatment is not a pill cocktail but rather a diet.
You can expect a CC Gluten Freed blog post dedicated to the new gluten-free Pizza Hut option – the latest development in the gluten-free world!
If needed, get a letter from your physician indicating that you have celiac disease and must adhere to a gluten-free diet for life. Be (even more) gluten free – this means making smart, safe choices at restaurants like getting a salad instead of french fries due to risk of cross contamination. Get techy — there are many phone apps out there that make being gluten free much simpler. I read through the ingredients on a gummy vitamin made by One-A-Day and concluded it was GF only to find that the allergen label said Contains Wheat! Even though being gluten free is challenging we are very lucky not to have to deal with side effects and financial expenses associated with prescription medications like the price of seeing the doctor to get your prescription followed by the actual price of the medication. Not telling your server that you are gluten free can get you into trouble sometimes so use this strategy with care. I decided to start using those applications including, my favorite, Find Me Gluten Free, an app that takes your GPS location and gives you a list of GFF (gluten free friendly) places nearby. When told by my physician that I must adhere to a gluten-free diet it took me a few weeks to really process the complexity of what it meant to live gluten-free. This episode is out there and our kids are watching it and forming opinions about the gluten free community and how they should relate to people who are gluten free (or have any other food-restriction, for that matter). I know a lot of gluten free moms, dads, aunts and uncles (mine included) that want awareness efforts that specifically В help the younger Celiacs live healthy and happy lives! Where do most social encounters happen…while eating!В  Food is social to the point where its purpose is probably more about connecting with others than it is about nutrition.В  Come on, birthday cake has very low nutritional value yet has great cultural value.

I might order a salad and specify no croutons, bread or dressing (even if croutons aren’t listed in the description on the menu, say it anyways!). Hopefully all parties involved will be professional about where to dine considering it is a work trip anyways and not a vacation! There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing entrées whereas the cake may seem more limiting for someone looking to accommodate dietary needs.
When I realized that a wedding cake was probably not in my future, I was not particularly bothered by the idea. When I arrived there was a small table reserved with a sign that read “Wedding Cake Tasting.” Kamber, the baker, brought out four options for me to try. The role of food is social and, when you take that into the workplace, it becomes professional. Here’s why: the gluten free diet only works by completly eliminating gluten, not by merely limiting it.
Sticky Fingers charge $2 more per slice when making a gluten-free cake, adding up to $12 per slice. Someone at Disney brainstormed the concept, someone wrote the script, someone read the script, edited the script, practiced the script, recited the script, filmed the scripted being read and then edited the film and not once in this process did they stop to think that maybe there was something wrong with the idea of bullying a child with a gluten-related disorder.
Even at a young age, the idea of a wedding cake was special to me and was a tradition I thought would elude me.

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