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Pepsi, for what it's worth, claims that it doesn't need to carry a health label on its sodas because the average consumer only drinks 100 milliliters a day, or less than a third of a can.
Sugary drinks have been linked to endometrial cancer in women, prostate cancer in men, pancreatic cancer, and obviously, obesity, diabetes, and poor cardivascular health.
Phosphoric acid is an ingredient in diet soda (and in many regular sodas) which produces a tangy flavor. The general consensus is that the nutrition in diet soda is not any better (and is probably worse) than the nutrition found in regular soda.
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4-MeI was found to cause cancer in mice in 2007 and was declared a potential carcinogen in 2011. They think diet soda is "good for you" because it doesn't contain any calories, fat or sugar. The problem with the caffeine found in diet soda is that is it artificial, whereas in coffee and tea, the caffeine is naturally occurring. Potassium benzoate is a preservative added to diet soda to protect the flavor while it sits on the shelves. Urvashi Rangan, "the amount of 4-MeI in them should pose a negligible risk, which is defined as no more than one excess cancer case in one million people." That would be a cutoff level of three micrograms per can.

Chronic consumption of the phosphoric acid found in diet soda can be particularly detrimental for people under 30, because their bones have not reached maturity. Additionally, many people consume diet soda to satisfy their thirst; this is actually counterproductive.
Studies have shown that acesulfame potassium can cause tumors and brain damage even when not consumed excessively.

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