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Hypertension, often called high blood pressure, is a serious condition that has to be treated as soon as you are diagnosed. Risk factors for developing high blood pressure include old age, abnormal levels of cholesterol, tobacco use, diabetes, family history of heart disease, excessive weight and physical inactivity. You can avoid abnormal cholesterol levels if you eat right and avoid products high in animal fats, choosing vegetable fats instead.
However, you will be surprised to discover there are thousands of recipes to lower high blood pressure, all available online and most of them absolutely for free.

There is plenty of tasty food to help high blood pressure, so by eating more of it and less of food known to raise your blood pressure you can easily keep the problem under control.
You will discover quite a few websites that emphasize cooking meals that will help you lower your blood pressure or keep it healthy by including as many healthy foods as possible in their recipes.
Following a high blood pressure diet does not mean suffering from hunger or depression because you have to survive on bread and water, so you will eventually come to enjoy it! Unfortunately, some of those causes and contributing factors are out of your control, but you can actually treat high blood pressure by making changes to what you eat, how you exercise and how healthy you are overall.

Here are some of the top foods known to lower your blood pressure: baked potatoes, beans, beets, oranges, dark chocolate, carrots, peas, avocados, kiwis, tomatoes, nuts, blueberries, celery, spices, raisins, oatmeal, papaya, green beans, spinach, cantaloupe, salmon, bananas, yogurt, skim milk and prunes.

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