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Several years ago, the leader of my moms group asked the husbands to write a letter to his wife for Mother's Day.
Know what you’re cooking (even practice before hand) so that you have no unexpected surprises. Serve an appetizer or two to give them a sneak peak into what’s coming next, the main meal.
If you’re cooking a steak, ask your date how they like their meat cooked, and be prepared to cook it that way.
The perfect way to end a meal, Clancy’s has a wide variety of individual desserts and pastries or lava cakes, perfect for sharing. 15 Signs of a Healthy & Happy RelationshipBe Real: The Golden Rule for First DatesIt's always a good idea to indulge in some mushy romance to keep the spark alive in a relationship. The music: This is optional, but just in case you want music, arrange for a soft ballad CD or an instrumental one. The conversation: Keep the conversation light-hearted; and for heaven's sake don't talk about work!

Rekindle Your Love With A Romantic Weekend at Home: Send the kids to grandma’s house and plan a romantic weekend for you and your partner.
MommyNoire, a flagship destination for the black pregnancy community provides expert advice and tips for black mothers and the expectant mom. Not to mention the amount of money spent by the more than 70 million who will dine out for the holiday. Put on a sexy, little apron and enjoy one another while you prepare a romantic dinner for two. Prepare a candle lit dinner for two to start off a romantic staycation that is sure to rekindle the love in your relationship. Of course, if I run the fan, I often don't see it for days, but it makes me smile every time. When my friend Casey asks me to watch her adorable baby, I end up thanking her for letting me spend time with a baby again. Spend some time writing a love letter to your spouse, and for added fun, tuck it up just like you did in junior high.

Whether you want to cook food for your date or order it from outside, that's up to you; we just tell you how to set it up. For eg, if you're making margaritas, keep tequila, cointreau and lime juice ready so all you two have to do is blend, mix, serve and say cheers! You don't want to feel so stuffed that you don't have any room for some ‘real' dessert. It doesn't so much matter that we're at home, as long as we set aside our nightly routine in favor of spending time together.
When dressing for Valentine's Day, date night or any other night, think about which of your outfits he has complimented before.

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