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Everyone has heard of this book, whether it is because the first edition was published in the mid- eighties, or because the writer has expanded it into a film starring Cameron Diaz. Sometimes books like this can seem rather dry, being a relentless onslaught of information. In general, What to Expect is an easy to read work about everything a pregnant women would want to know. Sell-out: For three decades, as the author of What To Expect When You're Expecting, I've advised new mothers in their millions. Changing times: When I became a young mother, the only activity to do with a baby was to put it in a pram and go for a walk.
When I became pregnant accidentally with Emma at the age of 23, I was working as a junior copywriter for a New York advertising agency. Three months later, with Emma bouncing on my knee, I sat in a book publisher’s office and signed a deal for my first book.

Murkoff herself has had two children and has called on a number of friends and medical experts to ensure that the advice she gives in this book is as accurate as it is up to date. Firstly, part one deals with the lifestyle issues like what you should and should not be eating, how your exercise regime should change and how you might feel about growing a baby. In some places she has written in so much detail about these subjects that the book seems almost pessimistic.
Part two gets into the nitty gritty of what is happening to your body and to your growing child month by month.
There’s a danger of becoming so busy that all those glorious baby moments are lost in a blink as you race from one club to another.And even when you are home, there are computer programs that promise to stimulate and educate babies further. So when I met Erik, a 22-year-old theatre manager, and married him just seven months later, I didn’t stop to think about precautions. When Emma was born, she was handed into my arms and my overwhelming emotion was relief that labour was over.

I didn’t know any other new mothers, so I had no one to turn to.When Erik and I brought Emma home from hospital a day later, the enormity of what had happened hit me. But back then, Erik and I would lie awake worried at night, with no idea about what was to come. I tried to find a no-nonsense parenting book telling us something about pregnancy, but the few dry, dusty tomes I did find in the library were written by male doctors with plenty of terrifying medical terms but no empathy or practical information.

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