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Contrary to this, I believe that some people miss their weight loss or maintenance goals because they eat when they not hungry. If the answer really is that you are hungry, then it is a hunger induced poor decision, and I completely agree with Dr. If you eat 1,800 calories per day, try to have consumed between 1,300 and 1,400 before you sit down for dinner.
If this is you, don't fret — just try to eat that something sweet after lunch instead of after dinner.
If there's a large (think more than four hours) gap between the two, you will more than likely get hungry.
For some people, the afternoon or late night indulgence is not the result of residual hunger, it’s just something they do. Currently only available in Ottawa, but sign up here to get notified when we launch our online nutrition program toward the end of 2013.

Unfortunately, as good as this is, I know it's not what's best for my body or my weight loss goals.
If you keep your body energized and fueled throughout the day, you'll be less likely to snack and crave sugar come nightfall. Your metabolism is still in full-force during the day, but after dinner it starts to slow down as you prepare to go to bed. His advice is to eat at regular intervals throughout the day so that you can avoid situations where you are truly hungry which can lead to poor eating decisions, like unhealthy afternoon snacks. But if the answer is that it is not hunger, but habit that spawns the snack, then eating more earlier in the day is just going to mean that person will eat even more.
If hunger is the reason someone is snacking, then eating more earlier will remove the hunger cue, thus averting the action (eating the snack). For the past week, every time I have had an urge to snack when I’m not hungry, I have thought about adding a smiley face to the note app on my phone.

Eating sweets earlier allows your body to burn off the calories instead of storing them as fat. Having a clean, minty-fresh feeling in your mouth will help stop you from snacking, since the food will no longer taste good. Amazingly I like them more than I like the post-meal (minutes after the meal) and late night snacks that I have enjoyed almost daily for years.
Go for a walk with your husband, read a few chapters of your latest book, call an old friend or, if you're feeling really motivated, hit the gym!

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