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This article is about ketogenic diet cancer treatment and how a ketogenic diet can help to treat and avoid cancer.
The main purpose of the ketogenic diet cancer cure is to cut out all cabohydrates from your meal, and especially the worst carbohydrates of them all, sugar.
The ketogenic diet as a cure for cancer could work by that cancer cells, just like all other cells are fueled by glucose. Therefor it seems like a ketogenic diet cancer cure is possible due to the lack of glucose in the body.
Many doctors however are skeptic to this research and do not recommend the ketogenic diet as a cancer cure. So in the end it seems like that by removing the carbohydrates from your food and eating natural fats and proteins you can actually create a ketogenic diet cancer protection and at the same time improve your natural health. I have been trying my whole life to loose weight and not untill lately I started using a low carb diet similar like keto and LCHF to loose around 80 pounds.

The rate at which people die of cancer is becoming alarming, and this can be attributed to the high costs of treatment and with this Your Post, i think cancer patients should be able to cure it just by focusing on their diet. Just a diet can not totally cure cancer, but it can help in the treatment and prevention of it. In today’s science there are not many successful cures for cancer and also a lot of the treatments are expensive, painful and sometimes does not even work. Dominic D’Agostino it has been proven by removing carbohydrates from the diets of lab mice the mice were able to survive a highly aggressive metastatic cancer. But when eating according to a low carbohydrate as the ketogenic diet you cut down your glucose levels and switch to an alternative energy source, ketone bodies. Many people have also discovered similar things and have started to eat according to the ketogenic diet and notice remarkable improvements. There are also many voices that say that eating according to a low carbohydrate and high fat diet could be dangerous for your heart.

There is however the ketogenic diet as an option and possible treatment against cancer that is free, has almost no side effects and can be used together with other non ketogenic diet cancer cures. The mice even with a low carbohydrate diet even did better than mice who were treated with chemotherapy. It seems from the research that the cancer cells are not able to use the ketone bodies as fuel.
However this claim has been proven over and over again that if consuming mainly natural fat it is actually good for you.

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