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While your kids may think differently, eating breakfast is more important than sleeping in the morning of a test.
Be There for the TestIf your child frequently misses school, you can improve attendance -- and make sure he'll be there on test day -- by serving breakfast regularly.
Feel Good in the MorningWhen children skip breakfast, they don't replenish their blood sugar, which affects their mental abilities and outlooks.
Remember What You've LearnedEating right every morning enhances young students' cognitive skills, and moms can make breakfast accessible on any day by keeping a stock of low-sugar, high-fiber cereals on hand. Test Your BestA muffin or a bagel is better than no breakfast, but kids who eat a complete meal instead may do better on tests. As I was growing up my mom always told me to eat a good breakfast before school, especially on test days. Throughout high school, I always made sure I woke up early and made myself a nice breakfast before I started my day. Speaking on a health standpoint about breakfast, an article in Forbes magazine recently stated that those who skipped breakfast and those who ate it had little difference in resting metabolic rate, cholesterol, and blood glucose.
Allow extra time on important days to plan a full breakfast with representatives of the protein, grain, fruit, vegetable and dairy food groups. Many fortified cereals have high vitamin and mineral contents and fewer calories, contributing to growth and development as well as weight control. The Food and Nutrition Action Center notes that missing breakfast can cause visual problems and slow memory function, while eating a full breakfast leads to fewer errors and quicker figuring in number-related tests. Her related affiliations include work for the American Medical Association and Oregon Health Plan.

Many people skip breakfast even though we hear “it’s the most important meal of the day” all the time. In almost every experiment, breakfast has proved to have a positive impact on a child’s ability to take tests, to learn, and to stay focused. New Harvard research shows school breakfast program may improve children’s behavior and performance. I found that when I didn’t eat breakfast, I was constantly thinking about my empty stomach throughout the day and could not stop thinking about my next meal about 5 periods later. However, another study showed that the cardiovascular system was worse in those who skipped breakfast.
Almond or peanut butter on toast, oatmeal, raisins, tomato juice and low-fat milk hit every group for a wide range of vitamins and minerals. If your child reaches for muffins on her way out the door, add a fruit cup, single-serving yogurt and a handful of almonds to the to-go breakfast bag. In the beginning, only about one third of the students ate breakfast at all, and by the end, two thirds of the students were eating breakfast often.
With the data collected, it shows that the vast majority has improved performance after eating breakfast. I agree that not eating breakfast causes a distraction and really does effect school performance. So, in the short term skipping breakfast is not so bad for your health, but I guess if you’re looking for longevity and to do better in school then eat breakfast. Besides, I did not mind using a test as an excuse to get a nice homemade breakfast from my dad during high school.

In fact, eating breakfast improves the particular types of skills that students use in taking tests. Whole-grain waffles with fruit and yogurt or scrambled eggs with cheese and a few tablespoons of creamy bacon ranch dressing provide the protein, calcium, vitamins and filling fiber that researchers find optimal for student nutrition. Some children had a good and healthy breakfast, and the others did not and then they were given an assessment.
If someone who does not eat breakfast increases performance, or someone who eats breakfast decreases performance, it is due to chance. Now that I am here at college it is not as easy to wake up for that 8 am because I cannot sleep at night, but I always manage to have a granola bar and a fruit cup to hold me over.
Help your children fix a balanced meal before exams and every morning for long-term health and academic benefits.
A 2005 study of school-age children and adolescents published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association linked this type of nutrition with a better mood and readiness for academic work. The School Breakfast Program was established in schools all over the country to increase the number of kids eating breakfast, therefore, improving school performance.
I find that on mornings when I do not eat my breakfast, I am struggling to focus in my Econ class.

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