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Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer begin to rethink their lifestyle including fitness and nutrition habits. Before considering intake of the right food, women undergoing treatment for breast cancer must first cut back or reduce the consumption of foods that could have caused breast cancer in the first place. Treatment for breast cancer including radiation and chemotherapy can greatly affect one’s appetite. Cold food: Fruit juices, low-fat yoghurt, low-fat ice creams are some good foods to eat when feeling nauseous. Cooked food: While experiencing sore throat, it is best to avoid raw foods such as salads or fruits. Chemotherapy during breast cancer can kill the fighter cells in the body and greatly alter the immune system. High sodium diet: Sodium that is necessary to maintain the blood pressure is lost during diarrhea.
Change in lifestyle, food habits during breast cancer treatment and lack of physical activity can cause constipation.

Garlic: Garlic is a rich source of a compound known as allium, which has cancer-fighting properties. Turmeric: This humble spice is rich in a chemical call curcumin that fights against breast cancer tumours. Leafy vegetables: Including broccoli, spinach, cabbage to the diet can prevent breast cancer.
Eating food with high amounts of saturated fats has become an integral part of our busy lives. However it is more important than ever to fuel the body with the right nutrition to complement the treatment and fight breast cancer. While making the right choice of food during breast cancer treatment, it is great to have an idea about foods that have shown to prevent breast cancer. The content of this website is for informational purpose only,this can not be the basis of medical diagnosis and treament and even can not replace the diagnosis and treatment from doctors.Please refer to Terms and Condition for more information.
While receiving treatment for breast cancer, women look at improving their choices of food to get better treatment outcomes and also cope well with the condition.

If the daily consumption of dairy products includes high-fat dairy including milk, cheese and butter, it is best to reduce the servings of such dairy products or switch to low-fat alternatives to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Women belonging to families which have had breast cancer cases can look out and change their lifestyles and food habits to lower the risk of breast cancer. High levels of insulin in the body can stimulate other hormones including estrogen thereby increasing the risk of breast cancer.
A well-balanced diet that includes the right proportion of carbohydrates, proteins and other micro-nutrients would be the best choice to beat the risk of breast cancer. I want to share the knowledge on how to workout properly, how to eat right when working out and to improve your health and well being.

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