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While there’s much information being passed around the blogosphere and internet in regard to what to eat, it seems that there’s often not much attention paid to the all important question of when & how you should be using these foods. If you’re one of the many that despite incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet, or even going vegan, vegetarian, or raw, working out on a regular basis, and trying your best to do everything “right,” yet are just not seeing the results that you feel match your efforts, then be prepared to receive the missing link that may just be what’s separating you from your goals. The most successful of fitness enthusiasts and body sculptors know that what matters most when it comes to making progress is not only what you eat, but when. We’ve probably all heard the popular saying among fitness buffs that “abs are made in the kitchen,” and though to a large degree “we are what we eat,” if you are not properly timing your meals or choosing optimum food combinations to assimilate and encourage the cells to take in these beneficial nutrients, then your efforts may as well be in vain.
It’s probably not news to you that what you choose to eat at any given moment ultimately ends up being used—either to fuel a physical task at hand or to spark some other internal bodily process—or stored in the body.
Eating foods that do not serve an immediate purpose or use by the body, whether that be internal or external in nature, may eventually lead to excess visceral & subcutaneous fat deposits in the body, thereby hampering efforts toward reaching your goals.
So in order to prevent an experience of unwanted or unnecessary weight gain and to reach your goals more efficiently and expediently, it is imperative that one eats with purpose, avoiding mindless eating, and determine the appropriate fuel for his or her sport or activity.
Eat until 75% full to avoid overloading the digestive system to allow for proper absorption and assimilation of nutrients.
On the whole, it seems that the most confusion among goal-oriented fitness novices arises when faced with the decision of what to eat prior to and after a workout.
How demanding your training plan is will determine how nutrient or energy dense the foods you need to eat will be.
Fruits, smoothies, and fresh pressed vegetable juice are all excellent fast-acting carb choices to consume as soon as 15-30 minutes before a workout.
High-energy, high-GI foods such as dates are best eaten prior to or during an endurance or lengthy activity to provide instant energy and replenishment to waning muscle glycogen stores.

For activities lasting longer than 1 hour, choose to include some healthy fats before your workout to use as fuel if and when your intramuscular carbohydrate stores are depleted. Avocado, coconut oil & chia seeds are superior pre-workout fat choices but some nuts and seeds can be eaten a few hours prior to allow for proper digestion. Make sure to eat an easily digestible source of balanced carb, fat, and amino acid replenishment immediately post-workout and up to 1-1.5 hours following when the cells are most receptive to take in nutrients. Banana and nut butter, vegetables and hummus, avocado and apple with Himalayan salt for sodium replenishment, or a quick shake are all excellent post workout choices.
Add chlorophyll drops to your water to boost oxygen intake and performance during workouts, and optionally add chia gel for the ultimate sports drink! Try to eat most of your higher or simple carbohydrate foods either before or after your workout to ensure they are used and not stored. Choose to consume higher calorie & nutrient dense foods on active days and make sure you are eating an abundance of high-water content vegetables and foods on less active days. Aim to eat most of your daily intake of carbohydrates around your workout or the times where you will be most active.
Hopefully these concepts have demystified some of the confusion surrounding the timing of meals and which foods to eat for your fitness goals.
To prevent further muscle breakdown, eating within 30 minutes after your workout is the most ideal. In other words, instead of popping dates, cacao nibs or cashews whenever you feel like it just because they’re “superfoods” or “good for you,” choose to eat with purposeful timing and eat for your unique constitution and goals, whether they be aesthetically or functionally driven.
Decompressing from a long day at the office, driving the kids here or there, or whatever work the day demands, we are suddenly tempted to pick up that bag of trail mix and begin munching on the sweet and salty blend until we’ve unknowingly eaten every last morsel.

If you find yourself hungrier than usual in between meals, have a glass of water and see how you feel afterward before eating something else.
Before heading out to the gym or stocking up at the grocery store, you should first consider what types of activities you are going to be fueling. Well, by strategically eating for your goals, and being consistent with these habitsВ  you will without a doubt earn yourself a body to rival the physiques on your vision board.
Just like lifting heavier weights for less repetitions, by avoiding incessant snacking during the day and eating only a few main meals will help with a bulking program.
Complex carbohydrates such as green vegetables, etc are great to eat in the hours after training as they assist in muscle repair.
For many of us, we’ll spend the rest of our evenings on the computer or catching our favourite television program before we retire for the night, and ultimately remain inactive post-snack.
Protein can be converted into energy in last resort instances, however, when considering what foods to eat prior to picking up the weights, pass on the protein until the hours post-workout when amino acid replenishment will be vital. Although something like trail mix may not be in itself unhealthy, eating any high-energy food late in the evening or during any other time of inactivity can cause a surplus in caloric intake over what the body has required for the day.

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