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Pre-workout nutrition is the real deal though, by strategically eating prior to your weightlifting workout you can optimize your performance.
In terms of carbohydrates in your pre-workout meal different people respond differently to simple carbohydrates (sugars) and complex carbohydrates (oats etc.) experiment with these and find out what works best for you! Over the past 5 years I have completely transformed my body without any confusing phony workout routines or expensive supplements that the fitness industry thrives on.
Carbs give you the energy to get through your workout and protein breaks down into amino acids assisting with muscle recovery and growth to start the protein synthesis process.

The best bodybuilding workouts, supplement reviews and nutrition tips straight to your inbox. While I do not mind a cup of coffee before a workout, the best method to stay hydrated is by simply drinking water (a lot of it). If you can eat 60-90 minutes before a workout, I would suggest to consume 40 – 50 grams each of protein and carbs.
The best way to feed the muscles is not waiting for the end of the workout to start feeding the muscles, but to actually feed the muscles before working out.

This may seem a little extra, but this is what the best of the best do in the world of bodybuilding.

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