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Indian food informality easily lends itself to sharing with a large group of friends or family.
Growing up in India I spent a lot of time watching my mother play host to some amazing dinner parties.
The food is something that everyone always looks forward to though each aspect of the evening including drinks, decor and the menu itself has its own charm and lends a statement to the party. Confirm your guest list so you know how many people you’re catering for, including dietary requirements as well. Indian meals are always a balance, so a couple of starters, a few one pot curries, some fresh Indian bread, raita (yoghurt) and a pulao would make for a good selection.
But regardless of scale or time, the basic principles still apply- whatever I make I want it to be filling and colorful and–í¬†delicious. With so many vegetarians in India, it’s not at all difficult to round out the meal with a lot of different textures and colors. For Veg, a paneer item makes a great difference as Paneer is considered to be a Veg-Special item. If you have already selected a chicken starter item, you can instead go for a mutton dish and there is nothing more delicious than Mutton Rogan Josh.

A slightly sweet + hot option would delight your guests rather than going for a complete sweet version. They’re little moreish bites served with some fresh chutney that will entice your guests for the main meal.
My recipe for kofta pulao is ideal for a dinner party, lending that wow factor and complimenting Indian curries. I tend to have one main pudding that guests can tuck into and maybe some Indian spiced barfi or fudge along with coffees later. If I have the time, my usual strategy is to make enough food for everyone who could possibly come, then extra in case they invite friends.
You will need a bit of pre-planning with papri preparation but overall, this Indian Starter item is quite chat-pata and loved by guests. The fried chicken is coated with Indian spices and makes it a complete Indian Starter dish. If you have any further suggestions on variations in Indian Dinner Party Menu, please leave your comments below.
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It’s probably a family thing seeing as my grandmother was equally renowned for her glamorous dinner parties with a guest list to die for. This item does take more time if you have a lot of guests invited to the Indian Dinner Party. Growing up I was always making mental notes on how it was all orchestrated and what were the highlights as the evening unfolded.
In such situation, it is advisable to have a helping hand who will partner with you in either rolling the puri or deep frying them.
This is one of the richest and spiciest item in the Indian dinner party menu and hence is likely to be consumed less.

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