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Vegetarian dinner recipes can be found all over the internet, but it’s sometimes hard to know where to look. We will update it from time to time, and if you want even more vegetarian dinner recipes, just visit our vegetarian recipes page!
The bloggers here on VeggieFocus have a soft spot for vegetarian Indian cuisine, and loved this Potatoe and Chickpea curry called “Aloo Chole“! For those new to cooking with eggplants, the vegetable might seem difficult to know what to do with. No vegetarian dinner recipe suits cold rainy days better than a plate of home made vegetarian dumplings.
Avocado tastes nice with almost anything, and always enhance the flavors of a meal – yet for some reason combining it with pasta is quite uncommon.

Often when you make an attempt to cook your own Indian curry, it never turns out as creamy as in the restaurants and takeaway places – and they never look even close to the photo next to the recipe in cook books.
Another Mexican inspired recipe, this Vegetarian Tamale Pie requires a little bit of planning in advance but it’s definitely worth it! Let’s finish with something a bit fancy, a vegetarian dinner recipe to impress on a romantic dinner date.
These are just a handful of many vegetarian dinner recipes featured on our site, if you would like to share some of your favorite vegetarian dinner recipes just link to them in the comments below! Join our VeggieFocus Weekly Newsletter to stay updated with the latest and best vegan and vegetarian recipes online. Can you tell me the actual proportions of the cake you had made, because my dad likes dates cake a lot.

Here is a sum-up of some of the favorite vegetarian dinner recipes from our recipe page to give you some inspiration. Filled with silken tofu, spinach, scallions and other goodies, these ones make for a favorite recipe!

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