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It was an easy one to swat down, but what was interesting to me was the fervor and vitriolic, yet laser sharp, scrutiny (and of course, all wrapped up with the obligatory pleas for critical thinking), with which this particular study was jumped on by the Paleo diet community in the defense of their sacred cow: red meat.
Iron is abundant in meat, particularly in red meat and processed meat products (such as sausage) that contain red meat.
We are very conscientious about stress free handling of our animals as it reflects in the quality of the taste of the meat. People who consume red meat regularly tend not to develop iron deficiency in the first place because of the high iron content in the food.

However, meat has an additional benefit over plant-based sources of iron: meat contains a different form of iron, heme iron, which is better absorbed by the body. Intestinal microbiota metabolism of l-carnitine, a nutrient in red meat, promotes atherosclerosis.
In fact, researchers believe that the heme iron in meat may help improve the absorption of non-heme iron in plant-based foods in the diet (Reddy et al.
While red meat as a class is quite high in iron, notice some unusual suspects in the Top Ten that can add variety to your diet.

An assortment of livers tops the list, but they may not be a top choice for everyone because of their strong flavor.
While the foods in the list note whether the item is “raw” or “cooked,” iron is not damaged by cooking and, in fact, cooking may reduce iron inhibitors (particularly in plant-based foods) and improve your absorption of iron.

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