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Based loosely on what Paleolithic man might have had available, the Paleo diet consists mainly of grass-fed or pastured animal proteins, pastured eggs, wild caught fish, fibrous vegetables, starchy tubers and root vegetables, fruits, and nuts and seeds (not peanuts). The diet completely excludes grains of any kind (including corn), legumes (including soy and peanuts), dairy, potatoes, refined salt and sugar and refined vegetable oils. In conclusion, if you have any medicalВ inefficienciesВ in your life, you may be able to help alleviate some or all of the symptoms with diet.
These diets can help you lose weight, sleep better, have more energy, get you off certain medications, cure autoimmune diseases and much more. But still, there are cases in which athletes eat a smart vegan diet and still feel like something is missing, that some level of energy has been lost.
If every diet is open to criticism, the paleo diet—also called the “caveman diet”—is in a league of its own.
I’ve been critical of the paleo diet in the past, primarily because of its heavy reliance on meat consumption.
What follows are some thoughts I’m guessing most Americans will not be celebrating as they fire up the grill to celebrate the 4th of July.
The Paleo diet is a way of eating that replicates the diet of our ancestors who lived in the wild as hunter-gatherers before the creation of modern agriculture some 10,000 years ago. Foods excluded from the Paleo diet include grains, legumes, dairy, refined salt and sugar, processed oils, and other processed and artificial ingredients.
The more you eat Paleo the better you will be, while the less Paleo you eat, the worse you will be.
If you’re unaware of The Paleo Diet or want to learn more about it, THIS Wikipedia link is worth checking out.
This entry was posted in The Strength of Evidence Podcast and tagged paleo on March 6, 2013 by Bret. Throughout the entire podcast, you fail to address the fact that Paleo isn’t really a diet – it’s a nutritional framework based on food quality, nutrient density, biochemistry, and evolutionary anthropology.
Instead of propagating intellectual mediocrity and relativism, take your biomarkers of health & disease, eat Paleo for a month, then repeat and compare.

Food quality matters, and when you increase the quality you can eat more without gaining as much fat as you would on SAD diet with comparable calories. So in this place I am going to explain the paleo and primal diets in their simplest forms and then I am going to list off all the very best resources from around the web, which I will update on a regular basis.
Studies from the 1950’s showed a correlation with dietary cholesterol and heart disease risk. The dietary practices of the Paleolithic period centered on hunted-and-gathered meat, seafood, fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. Haines is an ethno-botanist and paleo advocate who runs theВ Delta Institute of Natural History, a program that organizes workshops on “neoaboriginal lifeways.” In an attempt to reach “everyone seeking an alternative to the current paradigm of living,” he instructs students on how eat an aboriginal diet, focusing on trapping, foraging, and hunting skills, as well as wild medicinal cures and the finer points of ancestral child rearing.
As a historian, this is what I do to make sense of the many contradictions at the core of American life. But they’re exactly what Adam Wilson, the director of investigations at Last Chance for Animals, a Los Angeles-based animal advocacy group, said about his organization’s recent investigation of Pel-Freez, the nation’s largest rabbit processing plant, located in Rogers, Arkansas.
The Paleo diet consists of eating foods that are unprocessed and from nature—any “real” food, basically.
Because primalВ opens up food choicesВ aВ bit more (likeВ diary which I find to make eating this diet miles easier than going completely dairy-free), I find it to be perfect for myself and as a recommendation for others.
So the fact that it occupies the last position on whatever nonsensical list is compiled by mainstream media speaks *in favor* of Paleo. You did not make a distinction between the paleo ideas, which can be mainstream and low carb (Cordain) or more anthropologic-historical with more carbs included ( e.g.
You basically discussed a low carb diet and did not discuss the more specific rules of mainstream paleo regarding e.g. Rather than add a vegan product to a shelf already sagging with non-vegan options, he’s aiming (in part) to enter the ingredient stream at an earlier stage, ensuring that what makes it to the shelves did so because of cheaper vegan substitutes (pea plant eggs rather than real egg whites).
For what it’s worth, Haines, who has developed a loyal YouTube following, is as sturdy as an ox, healthy as a horse, and has a gentle, understated presence.
Cassandra Forsythe-Pribanic to weigh in on The Paleo Diet and its recent review in US News & World Report’s “Best Diets” issue.

No food group should be excluded from one’s diet, because they all have something good to offer. As is the fact that no Massive Large-Scale Perfect Randomized Control Trial Study has been performed involving Paleo. Weight watchers has rules, IIFYM has rules, but those diets are very difficult to maintain because the rather indiscriminate calorie deficit can induce hunger.
Many of the foods that are not recommended on a Paleo diet cause gut issues like leaky gut, indigestion, and inflammation. After that, we fill in the blanks with preferred starches such as yams, sweet potatoes, and squashes (white potatoes and white rice are considered Paleo but should be consumed in moderation because of their glycemic and carbohydrate loads).
The key to enjoying all that Paleo has to offer—and to staying consistent—is to avoid restaurants like the plague and focus on making home-cooked food using the best ingredients possible. In this essay, I noted that veganism, while a diet we should certainly pursue, had conceptual flaws that remained unresolved. The macrobiotic diet aspires to balance the yin with the yang; critics note that they have absolutely no earthly idea what this might mean. But critics deem the quest to replicate the pre-agrarian diet not only delusional—primarily because equivalent foods no longer exist—but also ignorant of human evolution. Recently, as a sort of nail in the coffin of the diet’s besieged reputation, a much-anticipated book on raising paleo babies was pulled at the last minute for lack of scientific evidence. Samara eats exactly what her parents eat—she always has (her parents chewed her meat for her before she teethed). It was thus with a stomach full of wild rice and a head buzzing with mead that I finally saw what I came to see: Haines in action.

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