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Our natural grass fed Longhorn lean beef is one of the healthiest meat choices for today’s health conscious consumer. Cliff Sheets, certified clinical nutritionist, and nationally recognized author or Lean Bodies, Total Fitness. Including natural lean Longhorn beef in a heart-healthy diet can positively impact blood cholesterol levels. Thank you for your interest in our healthy, natural, grass fed Longhorn Lean beef.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
Retail studies show the use of AHA Heart Check labels on qualifying meats and poultry items boost sales on average by 5%.
Recent trends show bison is becoming more popular in restaurants and retail stores as a healthy alternative to red meat. Steaks: Tender cuts such as steaks have little fat marbling which means they are highly susceptible to drying out.
When viewing meat products of various size, shape and colour in butcher shops or meat sections of supermarkets, there appears to be is a great variety of such products with different taste characteristics.
Based on the grouping the meat products and their processing technologies are described in detail in the respective chapters (page 103, 115, 127, 149, 171, 221). Cured meat cuts are made of entire pieces of muscle meat and can be sub-divided into two groups, cured-raw meats (Fig.
Cured-cooked meats, after the curing process of the raw muscle meat, always undergo heat treatment to achieve the desired palatability.

The product components muscle meat, fat and non-meat ingredients which are processed raw, i.e. Precooked-cooked meat products contain mixes of lower-grade muscle trimmings, fatty tissues, head meat, animal feet, animal skin, blood, liver and other edible slaughter by-products.
Raw-fermented sausages are uncooked meat products and consist of more or less coarse mixtures of lean meats and fatty tissues combined with salts, nitrite (curing agent), sugars and spices and other non-meat ingredients filled into casings.
Dried meat products are the result of the simple dehydration or drying of lean meat in natural conditions or in an artificially created environment (Fig. Food Nazis were more than rattled last year when The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet hit the New York Times Bestseller List and won numerous awards. Unlike beef, there is no quality grading system for bison; it is very lean with little marbling. It isВ  comparatively one of the most nutrient dense meats available because of its proportion of protein, fat, minerals and fatty acids to calories. On average, bison takes about a third less cooking time than beef because of its leanness.However, it is recommended bison be cooked at lower temperatures over a longer time period to preserve its tender texture and natural juiciness. In some countries there may be several hundred different meat products, each with its individual product name and taste characteristics.
This is pretty self explanatory too, but in terms of business, I think what this is telling me is to put myself in the shoes of my own customers – which is Lucy the Entrepreneur. Harvested meat from hay fed bison, early winter to late spring slaughters or hay fed droughts, will be less flavorful. If you are browning bison for a recipe, there is no need to drain the meat as there will rarely be any grease.

Based on the processing technologies used and taking into account the treatment of raw materials and the individual processing steps, it is possible to categorize processed meat products in six broad groups.
The first heat treatment is the precooking of raw meat materials and the second heat treatment the cooking of the finished product mix at the end of the processing stage. Their processing is based on the experience that dehydrated meat, from which a substantial part of the natural tissue fluid was evaporated, will not easily spoil. In any case, while I’m a fan of sleeping for 8 hours straight, I guess the value of this was just being aware of what you do with the time you have awake.
The curing for both groups, cured-raw and cured-cooked, is in principle similar: The meat pieces are treated with small amounts of nitrite, either as dry salt or as salt solution in water. Precooked-cooked meat products are distinguished from the other categories of processed meat products by precooking the raw materials prior to grinding or chopping, but also by utilizing the greatest variety of meat, animal by-product and non-meat ingredients (Fig. Pieces of lean meat without adherent fat are cut to a specific uniform shape that permits the gradual and equal drying of whole batches of meat. Dried meat is not comparable to fresh meat in terms of shape and sensory and processing properties, but has significantly longer shelf-life.
Many of the nutritional properties of meat, in particular the protein content, remain unchanged through drying.

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