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Insulin has many uses, not only on glucose homeostasis but also on potassium homeostasis, cell volume, cell growth and differentiation.
Studies indicate that development of type 2 diabetes takes place over a period of time from the initial decline of insulin effectiveness to frank diabetes where ОІ-cells stop functioning.
Type 2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed with lifestyle changes or pharmacological treatment, where dietary changes play the biggest role [69].In insulin resistance, responsiveness of target cells in considerably diminished but never completely lost.
BF% and insulin sensitivity tend to correlate, the fatter you are the more insulin resistant you tend to get and the leaner you are the more sensitive to insulin you tend to be [78]. People with type 2 diabetes have increased activity of protein tyrosine phosphatase which opposes the propagation of the insulin signal.

Free fatty acid levels act in part to stimulate insulin release, as obese patients have high levels this might contribute to hyperinsulinemia [69, 71]. In insulin resistance state is characterised by impaired metabolic flexibility of substrate oxidation, where switching from fat to carbohydrates in skeletal muscle is faulty [63]. Insulin and leptin have a close relationship, where if insulin resistance goes up so does leptin resistance, according to John Meadows (more about this later). Leptin (-ve feedback mechanism to the pancreas) to lower insulin secretion but your body doesn’t react to leptin anymore.
So we remove carbohydrates to 1) help lower body fat levels 2) to make insulin more potent by improving insulin sensitivity and to 3) be able to re-introduce carbohydrates in the diet so that it does what we want – boosting muscle gain and fat loss.

Training heavy as physical activity can result in a higher rate of insulin stimulated glucose disposal at a defined glucose dose [7, 68]. Insulin resistance can be detected long before the deterioration of glucose intolerance occurs, where 5-10% of glucose-intolerant patients, get clinical type 2 diabetes within a year.
In healthy subjects, pulsatile delivery of insulin had a more robust hypoglycaemic effect than continuous delivery [71].

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