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The true theory behind the Paleo diet is that the Neolithic era is when we really started mucking things up as far as nutrition goes.
The moniker of Paleolithic Diet leads to a lot of ambiguity of what you can and can’t have, and causes debate within Paleo circles. These foods will stand out like a sore thumb when you’re following a Paleo lifestyle, and are easy to spot and say no to. Common additives that are avoided on Paleo, and should be avoided in general for a healthier life: aspartame, calcium sorbate, monosodium glutamate (MSG), nitrates, potassium bromate, saccharin, sorbic acid, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners and GMOs. Paleolithic man was bent on survival, which didn’t leave much time for food that leaves you feeling fat and gross. There definitely wasn’t a Burger King competing next to every McDonald’s in the time of Stone Age man, no matter what The Flintstone’s would have you believe. Paleo diets cut out the grains, which is why they’re often confused as being grain-free diets or gluten-free diets. You might have to do a double take on some of these, and they’re the harder ones to remember, and the ones most likely to trip you up because they find their way into the Standard American Diet all the time. Because it comes from animals, dairy seems like it would be on the approved list, but it isn’t, at least if you want to be strictly Paleo.
This is one thing that is sometimes hard to come to terms with when eating according to the Paleo guidelines.
There are food items like Quinoa that aren’t quite a grain, but function much like a grain and cause a lot of confusion as to whether or not you can have them. This is by no means an exhaustive list of foods you can’t eat on the Paleo Diet, but it will help you avoid some of the worst offenders. Man only started eating meat when he found fire, they did not want to leave it, so built homes around the fire, then how no one knows, they found that they could eat meat by cooking it, it filled them up for more time so did not have to go gathering so much.
Well in fact, it’s been discovered that other primates eat raw meat so perhaps, rather likely, early humans did too.
The Paleo diet is based on a time also when humans did not have advancements in storing, refrigeration. I have found the Paleo diet to be very helpful for me in terms of weight stabilization, feeling healthy, and avoiding the yo-yo with dieting and binge- eating.
Cut out fried foods,sweets,products that say fat free cause they have even more unhealthy things added to replace the fat,outside of paleo diet if u do eat carbs keep it in your 1st meal of the day(breakfast), no processed foods frsh meats only,and get out hike ride a bike walk fast, join a gym and dedicate 3 days minimum. Life expectancy back then was low not because of diet, but because of lack of anything truly medical, and the harsh world they lived in. The way i look at it, if you could come across it in the wild and it could aid in your survival if you were starving, then you can have it.
I allow legumes and nuts, and i allow potatos as there is no reason not to be able to eat them. Cauliflowerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is all you ll be eating in this wonderful diet….
I am by no means a nutritionist or have any sort of health related degree but I do know what it feels like to eat in such a manner that my body rewards me in return for it. Eating paleo means eliminating all processed foods, grains, starches, dairy, legumes, sugar- unless in it’s natural form as in fruit or organic raw honey (but even those should be limited).
Below is a very basic paleo guide- but feel free to do your own research and through trial and error you too will discover what works best for you and your lifestyle! Following is a more detailed description of the food categories you’re allowed to eat. The Paleo diet is an effort to eat similar to the hunters and gatherers that lived thousands of years ago, who literally just ate everything that they could find.

Unlike most other fad diets that usually fail, Paleo has a clear inspiration and legit reason for showing up.
The foods that you can enjoy in this diet are basically anything that a caveman would have been able to find or gather.
The good thing about eating strict Paleo food is that you can basically eat as much as you want and you will eventually find yourself at a healthy weight. The only situation I think the diet would not help, is extremely active athletes who’s goals are to gain a lot of lean muscle and mass.
It can sometimes be hard to put yourself in the shoes of people that lived tens of thousands of years ago, when the world was a very different place. Paleo purists would reject anything that hints at being an invention of the Neolithic era, that time that spelled the end of the Paleolithic era and ended a mere 4,000 years ago. On some foods you’re going to have to make up your own mind how often you have them and in what amounts. Many of the artificial ingredients commonly found in foods eaten daily by the majority of Americans were created in the last 100 years, some even more recently. Today’s sodas are rife with High Fructose Corn Syrup and other artificial ingredients, and have no nutritional value whatsoever. Nothing that comes out of a fast food restaurant would be considered Paleo, and would actually be considered the opposite of Paleo for how much engineering goes into every morsel they create. Foods that are generally thought of as healthy and promoted in several other diet plans, like peanut butter in The Abs Diet or lentils in The Slow Carb Diet, are a no-go on Paleo. The problem with many of the most popular foods eaten in our society is that they nullify the good things that are eaten and don’t provide much nutrition themselves, making them doubly bad. The official answer is no, but many Paleo followers will allow themselves to have some on occasion since it falls into a gray area of sorts. It’s a two step process when following Paleo, side step the foods you aren’t supposed to have while keeping yourself well nourished and feeling good with the foods that you are allowed and encouraged to eat. I love helping people discover new paleo recipes and enjoy giving helpful tips on the Paleo diet. But Gluten free diets tend to use a lot of processed foods still to replace breads, while the Paleo diet focuses on generally using whole, fresh, and clean foods. It also doesn’t hurt that one of my major interests has always been paleo anthropology and archaeology!
If you don’t end up completely convinced about this diet, you may want to find out if a gluten free diet is right for you.
If you are one of these people you probably need more calories than a strict Paleo diet can offer. The funny thing is that the top Crossfit athletes who workout multiple times per day don’t use this diet. That’s a bit too extreme for most to follow, and the vast majority of those that eat Paleo-inspired diets are not getting caught up to that degree, as there wouldn’t be much to choose from for anyone living in or near a major metropolis. The Paleo Era lasted for so long and includes so many changes, many of which we have no way of knowing about or accounting for, so it’s all left to the individual and what feels right for them. Often written off as empty carbs, they often contain caffeine which is not a natural substance for humans, and not a chemical that is consumed while following a Paleo way of life.
Grains represent one of the biggest tiers of that pyramid, with meats forming the tiniest sliver, which means the Paleo diet is going against much of what your brain has been pummeled with since you were a kid.
By the very definition of the diet you would renounce these things as mistakes made by Neolithic man and strengthened by modern man. Human milk as a baby is clearly the natural way to go in regards to milk consumption, and the Paleo diet is all about getting back to the most natural time of our existence.

The exception to this is canned food, which technically wouldn’t be Paleo because they didn’t can their food back then. It’s the phytic acid that’s being nixed here, and is the same reason why you’re not going to be eating grains when eating Paleo.
You have to be very sure to understand why these foods aren’t recommended for you, so that you don’t cave in and eat them, causing you to feel bad about yourself or to give up entirely. It can be tough going against modern society and turning back the clock, but it’s not impossible when you have your facts straight. With 470+ easy-to-prepare Paleo recipes in 17 comprehensive categories it is the only Paleo book you will ever need. I have been making a living writing about the Paleo Diet for the last year and have never been happier.
I was a vegetarian for years, and some months I’ve been obsessed with extreme low-calorie high-exercise regimes, while other times I rarely exercise and I give up on dieting or eating healthy entirely.
I have done similar diets, many years ago and it worked forme, but for some reason, this time I’ve found it hard to keep it up, and your words(above), were what I needed.
Well, as it’s just day three of our challenge I can already begin to feel my body thanking me for getting back on track- for me that means an increase in energy and a decrease on the scale. If you are looking to lose as much weight as you can as fast as possible, we recommend faithfully adhering to the rules outlined below. Most of what we can find nowadays is processed foods that are stuffed with chemicals instead of nutrients. They only ate what they could find which was animal protein, berries, nuts, seeds, and leafy greens. Sodas are often linked to conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and even cancer. This is one of the hardest aspects of the Paleo Diet to keep in mind because processed foods account for a large majority of the food you find in the supermarket or grocery store. Please read about my journey here and see how I turned my passion for the Paleo lifestyle into a successful blog and career. The Paleo option removes the foods I usually binge on (peanut butter, chips, popcorn, etc.) and provides only healthy options. Most people would benefit from it because it is probably the most nutrient diet that you can find. As it’s been the most stressful year of my life I have found myself turning to food for comfort and straying away from paleo, so this challenge was exactly what I needed to bring me right back and realize why I love paleo so much in the first place. They eat what they were meant to eat (cows-grass, fish-other fish or sea life, chicken-bugs) and they are not caged.
The Paleo diet revealed will give you a good idea about the good, the bad, and the basics of what you can eat and why. The butcher is as close as you can come to going out and killing the animals yourself, and a farmer’s market is as close as you can come to growing your own food with few pesticides and herbicides, at least for city-dwellers. The only people who would have trouble with this diet are ones that want to gain weight, or take in a ton of calories.

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