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I have always wanted to know more about what the actual difference is between diet and regular sodas.
More and more people are switching to diet soda every day – in an attempt to lose weight. Consumption of diet soda increased almost 25% in the 2000s, and it’s still on the rise.
An AHA study conducted in Minnesota found that diet soda added 37% risk of developing Metabolic Syndrome. Diet sodas didn’t seem to have any correlation with telomere length, though there are other problems with them. It only applies to sugar added by the vendor: you can still pour all the sugar you want into an unsweetened iced tea, coffee, or whatever.
And of course, you can always buy three 16oz sodas and drink them one after the other, or even all at once.
So in effect, the only thing the ban does is to make it slightly harder for people to buy a lot of soda. A study on how diet sodas relate to metabolic syndrome, which is generally found in fat people and causes heart disease and diabetes. Just to conflict with the one above, anotherВ study showed that people who drank diet sodas gained more weight than ones who didn’t. The heart of Lustig’s theory is that in nature, sugar is locked away inside fibrous fruit, which makes it impossible for us to eat too many sweets. A neuroscientist shows, via fMRI brain scans, how sugar activates reward centers in the brain in the same way that drugs like alcohol and cocaine do, which makes it very addictive. The method in this xkcd comic makes it really easy to visualize exactly how much sugar is in sweet drinks. And if you’re still on the fence about the science, Lustig has a good hour and a half lecture on YouTube. To me, it was always to good to be true that you can drink soda with 0 calories and it tastes pretty much the same. After reading this, it makes me wonder if "diet" sodas should come with a warning that they are not 100% diet material.

What was surprising was when we looked at people only drinking diet soft drinks, their risk of obesity was even higher. Drinking soda makes you fat, drinking diet soda makes you fatter – even just one can per day! Study after study shows that diet soda causes fat gain – even without eating any extra calories! If your hypothalamus wants you to gain weight, it increases appetite and decreases basal metabolic rate (calories burned sitting still). The extra sweet taste makes your brain think that really good, healthy calories are available in surplus – and that now is a good time to store fat. Excess sugar and high-fructose corn syrup are terrible for your waistline and your health, but artificially-sweetened diet soda is even worse.
He’s spent years researching, practicing, training, and exploring diet and exercise for optimal health.
They analyzed drinkers ofВ normal, sugaryВ sodas, of sugary flat drinks, of diet sodas, and of 100% fruit juice drinks.
Some forty years later in the 1970s, this backfired in a period of drought during which food prices rose, so yet another adjustment was made: instead of limiting the food supply to keep crop prices high so that farmers can make a living, they simply decided to get rid of the farmers. The study did find out factors that correlated with people losing weight: exercising and eating healthy (fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts and yogurt). Robert Lustig’s theory that the amounts of sugar present in the typical Western diet is toxic,В because it causes heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome and probably cancer.
In its all-out effort to store fat, the hypothalamus will even make you less motivated to exercise! And as members of a free society, we should be able to make all the bad choices we want, as long as they don’t harm others. From this model, they created a simulator and put it on the web, so that anyone can use it to find out how much to change their eating and exercising habits in order to hit a target weight. This middle way is now known as Keynesian Economics and advocates for some level of government control over the economy, the idea being that smart people in charge can make better decisions than the market can.
Unfortunately, it also resulted in overproduction of food, which caused a drop in the price of food, which created a class of impoverished farmers that couldn’t sell enough crops to make ends meet.

They started feeding it to cows, making fuel with it in the form of ethanol, and making sugar out of it in the form of high-fructose corn syrup. The first group drank diet sodas and had an awful diet (think McDonald’s all the time). They also found out what factors correlated with people gaining weight: watching TV, drinking, smoking, sleeping too little or too much, and a poor diet (potatoes, potato chips, sugary drinks, processed meat, and red meat). I always thought that diet sodas and such would have a negative effect because they are just chemicals but never thought actually gaining weight would be one of the effects. Second, it will reduce your metabolic rate (making you feel tired, depressed, and unmotivated).
It does not apply to diet drinks, even though those don’t seem to be good for us either. Education, however, is a good answer, and for example, is probably the sole reason smoking rates are half of what they were 50 years ago: no one ever quit because smoking was too expensive, just like no one ever gave up heroin because they ran out of money. This keeps more of your current fat in storage, and helps make sure that more of your future food will become body fat.
Metabolic syndrome was highest in the diet soda + bad food group, followed by diet soda + healthy food one, and lowest in the no soda + healthy food collective.
However, the whole "diet" and "zero" idea gets drilled into peoples heads making consumers believe that it is a far more healthy route to take instead of eating fattening foods, sweets and carbs.The "diet" title is basically a scheme that tricks people into buying it as a healthy alternative. I fell for the idea too; it is way more convincing to drink a diet soda as opposed to a regular one if you are watching your figure. The one article you referenced that talks about you're body tricking you into thinking the sugar from the soda is real and completely confusing your metabolism system really interested me.
As well, there have been studies questioning if the artificial sugars and sweeteners are actually changing the way your body and mind functions causing you to actually be hungrier and eat more afterwards.

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