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I have always wanted to know more about what the actual difference is between diet and regular sodas. More and more people are switching to diet soda every day – in an attempt to lose weight.
Consumption of diet soda increased almost 25% in the 2000s, and it’s still on the rise. An AHA study conducted in Minnesota found that diet soda added 37% risk of developing Metabolic Syndrome. Diet Soda on the other hand contains no sugar, but gets it sweetness from various chemicals or artificial sweeteners, one of the most popular ones used being aspartame which has little to no calories and acts as a sugar substitute. A Purdue University Study where rats fed with artificial sweeteners actually gained more weight, than rats that were fed a diet containing regular sugar. But before you go running back to the vending machine to throw in some quarters for a full strength soda, don't forget that it too was undeniably linked to weight gain and obesity. To me, it was always to good to be true that you can drink soda with 0 calories and it tastes pretty much the same. After reading this, it makes me wonder if "diet" sodas should come with a warning that they are not 100% diet material. What was surprising was when we looked at people only drinking diet soft drinks, their risk of obesity was even higher.
Drinking soda makes you fat, drinking diet soda makes you fatter – even just one can per day! Study after study shows that diet soda causes fat gain – even without eating any extra calories! If your hypothalamus wants you to gain weight, it increases appetite and decreases basal metabolic rate (calories burned sitting still). The extra sweet taste makes your brain think that really good, healthy calories are available in surplus – and that now is a good time to store fat.
Excess sugar and high-fructose corn syrup are terrible for your waistline and your health, but artificially-sweetened diet soda is even worse.

He’s spent years researching, practicing, training, and exploring diet and exercise for optimal health. Perhaps you have sworn off regular soda in recent years because of the high calorie and sugar content you know those beverages are laden with.
Well Fowler said that it may not be what's in the diet soda, but in fact what is linked to the consumption of it. Our bodies taste something sweet and believe it is going to be getting some calories, but when it doesn't it craves what it was expecting and leads us to over eat or consume those wanted calories from other sources. One hypothesis from this study was that the chemical sweeteners may actually alter your body's physiological response by slowing down metabolism.
What's more is that it can eat away at your tooth enamel, and once that's gone there is no getting it back. The chemicals and acids, namely carbonic acid that gives your soda it's bubbles, can eat away at your stomach and digestive linings leading to an array of health issues. In its all-out effort to store fat, the hypothalamus will even make you less motivated to exercise! If you are still drinking the stuff, I personally think you should order your meal with a side of diabetes because you are drinking more than 10 teaspoons of sugar.
I'm not going to go into those claims in this post, however we are going to look into why some people believe that it is indeed this artificial sugar, and others, that may be one of the causes that diet soda could actually be making you fat. What's more alarming is that these rats weren't just fed straight chemicals; they fed them via artificially sweetened yogurt, raising questions as to whether it may not be just diet sodas that could be causing weight gain, but indeed many other chemically sweetened diet foods also. I gave up drinking diet soda a while ago, not because I thought it would make me fat (although now that's just another reason) but for the pure fact that it is simply a cup full of chemicals. I always thought that diet sodas and such would have a negative effect because they are just chemicals but never thought actually gaining weight would be one of the effects.
Second, it will reduce your metabolic rate (making you feel tired, depressed, and unmotivated). The fact is that diet soda has become a staple amongst people who live healthy lifestyles and who watch what they eat.

What was surprising was when we looked at people only drinking diet soft drinks, their risk of obesity was even higher".
This keeps more of your current fat in storage, and helps make sure that more of your future food will become body fat. Soda generally contains anywhere from 35 - 40 grams of sugar per can or small bottle, and 4 grams makes up a teaspoon. In fact they concluded that for every can or bottle of diet soda that was consumed each day, a participant's risk of being overweight was increased by a whopping 41%. If you are wanting to lose some weight, or living a healthy lifestyle, then ditch the soda. However, the whole "diet" and "zero" idea gets drilled into peoples heads making consumers believe that it is a far more healthy route to take instead of eating fattening foods, sweets and carbs.The "diet" title is basically a scheme that tricks people into buying it as a healthy alternative.
It's about as confusing as Kirsty Alley giving weight loss advice. But even though diet sodas are consumed in large quantities in the belief that it contains no calories, recent research shows that it could be actually working against us and may actually be making us fat! I fell for the idea too; it is way more convincing to drink a diet soda as opposed to a regular one if you are watching your figure. The one article you referenced that talks about you're body tricking you into thinking the sugar from the soda is real and completely confusing your metabolism system really interested me. That's right, recent research shows that even half a can a day increases your risk of obesity.
As well, there have been studies questioning if the artificial sugars and sweeteners are actually changing the way your body and mind functions causing you to actually be hungrier and eat more afterwards.

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