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From early birds to night owls, we all can agree that when we finally lay our heads on the pillow we’d like to actually go to sleep, thank you.Nothing is more annoying than insomnia, and the evidence is piling up that sleep is essential for good health. When picking a late-night treat, it’s important to choose something filling enough to satisfy your appetite until morning, but also healthy, so you don't derail your diet. It may sound like an easy fix if you are hungry, especially since there are many pasta recipes that take less than 30 minutes to prepare, but keep in mind that pasta is a very rich source of carbohydrates that will eventually turn into fat when you hit the bed.
In fact, eating a snack before hitting the sheets may help you sail more smoothly through snooze-land. Please fill in the following information so we can alert the Healthy Eating editorial team about a factual or typographical error in this story.

Keep in mind the classic pasta toppings full of cheese and oils as well as the high glycemic index of this meal, this is you should steer clear from this fatty food before bedtime! Combating insomnia with cuisine is all about eating the right combination of foods with snooze-boosting capabilities. Smith holds a Bachelor of Science in health and wellness from Syracuse University and is working towards her Master of Public Health at Hunter College. However, if you really need to eat do your best and eat something light, and eat at lest two to three hours before you go to bed.
What you eat throughout the day and how much is far more important than the timing of your meals and snacks.

Although most commonly considered a breakfast option, whole-wheat cereal and skim milk is a perfect bedtime snack and has an excellent balance of both protein and carbohydrates. Pairing a source of tryptophan with a carbohydrate-rich food makes the effects all the more powerful.

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