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Using Proper Nutrition to Avoid Anorexia and Cachexia During Cancer TreatmentsThe mechanisms that suppress appetite in people experiencing cancer are complex and may severely impact their quality of life. Family and friends may also want to read this booklet.You can use this booklet before, during, and after cancer treatment. Medications, anxiety, and the nature of how cancer affects the body in itself can all sway the desire and ability to eat.
Any phase of a cancer patient’s journey should include good nutrition and awareness of the negative consequences of a body deprived of nutrients.
Providing the body with adequate nutrition during times of anorexia, loss of appetite, and prevention of cachexia, the permanent loss of body mass, is an important strategy to maintain health during treatment and recovery from cancer.

Radiation, as experienced in patients with mesothelioma cancer, can turn off the appetite completely. Soft foods, such as, mashed potatoes, fruit-filled milkshakes, and yogurts can increase the protein stores and prevent the permanent loss of body mass, known as cachexia. The body has to be well nourished to withstand the impact of cancer therapies and medical interventions.Alterations in Taste and NauseaPatients have reported that chemotherapy and radiation treatments have made food tasteless or have induced nausea when they are presented with food. Adding starchy foods sometimes helps to alleviate nausea, like potatoes, rice, and dry cereals.Dangers of DehydrationCancer patients often lose their “thirst” mechanism. People in chemotherapy must be vigilant about hydrating the body and drinking enough fluids.Nutrition in RecoveryCancer patients that keep the body well nourished and hydrated, increase their completion of treatment and enter recovery.

Avoid commercially processed and fast foods that spike blood sugar and interfere with natural hunger cues.

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