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You’ve probably seen daikon listed as an ingredient in a variety of dishes at Asian restaurants, but without a translator around, you might not have a clue what it is! As much as the Paleo lifestyle touts homemade meals, sometimes we want the convenience of pre-made condiments and sauces, because it isn’t always feasible to make every single thing from scratch.
Sometimes we get stuck in a rut, no matter what kind of food we’re eating, and we look forward to the fresh produce of the upcoming season.
We often hear that the Japanese have one of the healthiest traditional diets on the plant, mostly touted as such because some of the oldest people in the world are from Okinawa. One of the shortcuts many people use to follow the Paleo diet is to consume only those items that are safe to eat when raw. These are the basic principles I’ve found to be common to the majority of works I’ve seen on the subject, along with almost universal sentiment from the Paleo community.
I don’t, however, want to get all gushy over Paleo, because it also does some things painfully wrong.
The truth is that during the Paleolithic Era, humans ate almost no plant matter whatsoever[2-10]. Researchers found that even modern-day hunter-gatherer populations with forgo digging up and consuming tubers and other plant-based food because the cost of digging them up trumps the energy and nutritional value[12].
I know Paleo enthusiasts would rather fantasize about hairy guys gnawing on tubers, but I’d rather imagine this.
There’s nothing particularly exciting about the Paleo sensation other than its attempt at a new origin story.
There is definitely a slow movement related to tubers but non-athletic Paleo folks lose their minds when it comes to potatoes, especially white potatoes.

Most of the recommendations you attribute to the Paleo diet seem to have come from the unthinking zealots who’ve bastardized it and not from the actual leaders in the Ancestral Health movement. Tiger Nuts, or Chufa, as their known in Spain, are a staple part of the Spanish diet, especially in the Valencia area where they use the nuts to make Horchata, a milky drink with no dairy, which is really healthy and delicious. If you follow this doctrine, then no, you cannot consume taro or many other starchy tubers. Ease into the starchy tubers, like taro root and sweet potatoes, to make sure your body likes them. Unless, that is, you think you have a nut allergy, at which point you won’t be a fan of nuts—unless those nuts are rolled into an energy bar (see above).
Everything we know about a healthy diet—no matter what the label—is contained in those two principles. Modern populations who live as close as possible to Paleolithic conditions don’t even eat Paleo.
Paleo borders on the Mediterranean diet, and is a good example of the Spanish Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet (SKMD).
Focus: Gough’s Cave and Sun Hole Cave human stable isotope values indicate a high animal protein diet in the British Upper Palaeolithic. I have to disagree with the potato issue- i’m pretty sure most people who eat paleo would agree that potatoes are fine. However, for most of us who follow the other tenets of Paleo – mainly to consume only healthy, natural foods that are void of anti-nutrients – then yes, taro root can be consumed as part of a healthy and varied Paleo diet! Remember to consume all heavy starches and carbohydrates in moderation if you are trying to lose weight on the Paleo diet.

White potatoes aren’t okay, although they’re pretty much identical, metabolically and nutritionally, to sweet potatoes, which are. This is where Paleo gets it painfully right in a lot of ways, because at heart, Paleo is based on these two principles. This is what fuels supposed dietary experts in their campaign to label diets like Paleo “fads.” No one should consider the principles of Paleo when applied to health as a fad, although I’ll bet the name will pass away and be forgotten after a few years. I know that some of what your wrote was meant to be humorous but I just want to share my perspective. This irks me probably more than anything else, because it implies that this is how humans ate during the Paleolithic Era.
Most Paleo people will some processed foods like Laurabars but the processing is usually limited to what I could do in my own kitchen (food process some nuts and dried fruit then smash into bars). I’m not a fan of grains but the only one is 100% avoid are the gluten containing ones.
Also sweet potatoes ARE nutritionally superior (lower glycemic index, more fiber, more beta-carotene, more vitamin C, and they are strongly anti-inflammatory. Also, most of what I’ve read wants the majority of your fat to be saturated, then monounsaturated, with limited amount of polyunsaturated.

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