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To me, potatoes, rice, corn, wheat, and oatmeal are all in the grain category (starch) as far as how I put complete meals together. I usually see beans as a protein because I don't eat meat every night and beans are often substituted for meat. If you're looking at glycemic index, potatoes come in fairly high, and so have a greater impact on your blood sugar. I have a little more luck controlling potatoes than grains, so I include potatoes more often than grains (but I still have to treat them as a problem food).
I happen to think of you as one of my favorite posters You are one of the ones I hoped to see respond to my question. Grains, beans, tubers -- can all be starchy, so eat paired with a protein if it bothers you blood sugar.
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It is also called the white, or Irish, potato to distinguish it from an unrelated vegetable, the sweet potato.

Its very name comes from the Greek word for "testicle!" And its reproduction methods are pretty exotic too. They are also used for the manufacture of alcoholic beverages and starch.The potato is native to the cool upper valleys of the Andes of Peru and nearby countries. Its name comes from batata, a South American Indian word originally applied to the sweet potato.The leading potato-producing countries are shown in the accompanying graph. Other major producing states are North Dakota, Wisconsin, Colorado, Oregon, and Maine.A potato is approximately 80 per cent water, 15 per cent carbohydrates, and 4 per cent protein. Sliced potatoes are fried to produce American (or German) fried potatoes, French fried potatoes, shoestring potatoes, and potato chips. Potatoes can also be dried and ground into flour for potato pancakes and potato bread.The Potato PlantThe potato plant is related to the eggplant and tomato. The fruit, an inedible green berry about Вѕ inch (2 cm) in diameter, usually does not form in cultivated varieties.The potatoes are large tubersfood-storing bodies that grow from the end of an underground stem, below the fibrous roots.
The pieces are planted 12 to 18 inches (30 to 45 cm) apart in hilled rows 24 to 36 inches (60 to 90 cm) apart.

They may be stored for several months before marketing.The Colorado potato beetle, flea beetles, leafhoppers, and aphids attack potato foliage, and wireworms feed on the tubers. The potato plant is subject to viral, bacterial, protistan, and fungal diseases, such as (respectively) leaf roll, blackleg, late blight, and black scurf. Some varieties of potatoes have been developed that are resistant to certain diseases.Varieties of PotatoesAbout 100 varieties of potatoes are grown in the United States.
At first it was used mainly for livestock feed.In the 1600's, the potato was introduced into North America from Europe.
It did not become an important food crop until 1719, when Scotch-Irish settlers began potato production in New Hampshire.In the 18th century the potato began to replace cereals in the diet of the poor.
The failure of the potato crop (caused by late blight) in Ireland in 1845-46 resulted in a severe famine.The potato is Solanum tuberosum of the nightshade family, Solanaceae.

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