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If you are looking for a super yummy, low calorie version of a homemade carrot cake recipe, then you came to the right place!
I just entered all ingredients in the WW Recipe Builder, and as of today, this is a 6 PP recipe.
I just plugged this in to WW Recipe Builder for Points Plus and I used low fat cream cheese and 3 real eggs (not substitute) and I got back 8 points when cutting into 16 pieces. I am on the new points plus system as well and when I put the whole recipe into the recipe builder it still calculated it out to 7 points per slice for 16 slices.
Considering that traditional carrot cakes can average 12-15 weight watchers points per serving, this diet friendly carrot cake recipe is a fabulous bargain at just a 4 Point Total per serving.

To make the frosting less runny, try using just 1 tbsp of water instead of the 3 that the recipe calls for. It has approximately: 1,510 calories, 84g fat, 600mg sodium, 179g carbs, 6g fiber, 129g sugars, 18g protein = 36 Weight Watchers Points!!!! And yes, I have noticed that the new system does tend to make the Points values higher, so many of my old recipes will actually be higher in Points Plus values now.
I have always been a fan of carrot cakes with that rich, gooey, cream cheese frosting, but being a Weight Watcher pretty much kept me away from all my favorite dessert recipes.
Id have to input each recipe into the recipe builder on WW, and that will take a lot of time.

But after some trial and error and alterations with traditional carrot cakes recipes, I was able to create a version that is much lower in points and yet still tastes AMAZING.
And though this is not an official one of weight watchers dessert recipes, it’s a great, low calorie dessert that will satisfy the carrot cake lover in everyone.

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