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As many as 60 million Americans have diagnosed -- and undiagnosed -- thyroid conditions, which almost always result in a metabolic slowdown.
The Thyroid Diet discusses optimal dietary changes, including how a thyroid sufferer should focus on a low-glycemic, high-fiber, lower-calorie diet, optimal timing of meals for maximum hormonal impact, thyroid-damaging foods to avoid, helpful herbs and supplements, and more. Totie Fields once said, "I've been on a diet for two weeks and all I've lost is two weeks." When you're trying to lose weight, you may feel like Totie was talking about you. Or, you may be one of those people who never had a weight problem, and then all of a sudden, pounds starting piling on, seemingly defying all the laws of physics.
Because, while your doctor is busy assuming that you're too lazy to exercise and don't have enough willpower to stop eating, what he or she isn't doing is telling you is that you could have a thyroid problem -- a dysfunction in the small, butterfly-shaped gland in your neck that is crucial to your metabolism. Recent studies have conservatively estimated that as many as 20 million people have a thyroid problem, the majority of them undiagnosed. This brings up a critical connection: some people struggling with a weight problem are facing even more of an uphill battle than everyone else, because they are dealing with an underlying thyroid condition -- one that is both undiagnosed and untreated. One study found that as many as 40% of overweight people had evidence of a dysfunctional thyroid, various thyroid conditions that could be contributing to your weight gain in the first place, and to your present difficulty losing weight. My doctor took a "wait and see" approach for a few months, but then she put together the above list of symptoms and decided she should test my thyroid. Sure, as we tweaked my medicine and dosages, I felt better in some ways -- less exhausted, not so moody and achy -- but except for several pounds, the weight didn't budge.
Along the way, I turned my own struggle to find the answers into a new role as a patient advocate for others with thyroid and autoimmune diseases. If you read the newspaper and women's magazine articles, watch the middle-of-the-night infomercials, view the television interviews, talk to the staff at the supplement stores -- you'll hear from experts galore, and every one of them has the one true answer to our problem, the one key to weight loss success. That is the most difficult point to get past -- to accept that fundamentally, your thyroid condition may, especially in the beginning, and perhaps forever, make weight loss an unfair fight.
In fact, when hypothyroid, for many of us, the metabolism becomes so efficient at storing every calorie that even the most rigorous diet and exercise programs may not work. But for those of you whose weight challenges are due to a thyroid condition that you don't know you have yet, what you will find in The Thyroid Diet are clear guidelines and straightforward information about thyroid disease that will help you find out more, and get that diagnosis!
And, The Thyroid Diet, in a simple, understandable way, offers you the support, encouragement and information you need to pursue the right diagnosis and treatment with your doctor. However, for the majority of thyroid patients, treatment alone doesn't seem to resolve our weight problems. The Thyroid Diet will help you understand these factors, and what how they might be getting in the way of your ability to lose weight.
I've interviewed hundreds of doctors, extensively reviewed the latest research on thyroid disease, metabolism, weight loss and nutrition, and talked to thousands of thyroid patients over the past seven years. You'll also find that the Appendix includes a set of handy worksheets you can use in your weight loss tracking, and a special section featuring information on books, websites, tools, support groups, and experts that can help.
All information is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. For those of us living with a thyroid disorder, keeping the weight off can be a frustrating endeavor. Well, first, it’s important to understand what stands between you and long-term weight loss. When you’re struggling with thyroid disease, eating grains can put unnecessary strain on your digestive system, inflame your system and create an endless cycle of weight gain.
After taking a thorough health history and reviewing blood work, one of the first things I do with my Thyroid Loving Care clients, is perform a diet assessment and have them complete a food journal. By far, I’ve found a Paleo or Paleo-like diet to be the most successful in helping my clients lose weight. If you love these kinds of actionable tips, you’re going to want to join meВ for the FREE online video series Your BEST Thyroid Life — I’ve got 28 world-renowned experts (including HypothyroidMom) sharing their best real-world action tips for living your best life. Jen Wittman is a Certified Holistic Health Expert & Coach, specializing in thyroid and autoimmune conditions. After reversing Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid disease herself, Jen created The Thyroid Fix in 6, a simple 6-week self-care strategy to reverse thyroid, autoimmune and inflammatory disease. One thing I learnt about weight gain and thyroid problems that I have had is that genes are the problem in the weight gain. It has taken me 15 months since I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Hypothyroidism, Vitamin D Deficiency, Alopecia, Hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), Leaky Gut, Some Celiac Disease and who knows what else is lingering out there for me.
As far as the WEIGHT ISSUE: you must begin your own program that works for you such as weights to build muscle, walking for cardio, home floor exercises etc. Listen, everyone will figure out what works for them but what I have found out from so much of my research and reading is that most of us are suffering the same issues, symptoms and stressors. Hi Wahida, the thyroid gland regulates metabolism so if your hypothyroidism is not optimally treated you can struggle with weight problems. Consulting Your Doctor: For people suffering from thyroid problem and resultant weight gain, it is advisable to consult the doctor before they decide on a weight loss regime.

Daily Exercise Schedule: People with low thyroid condition would have to work harder to improve the metabolism of their body and help them lose weight.
Drinking Lots of Water: A person who wants to lose weight with a thyroid problem should drink lots of water in a day.
A Cup of Green Tea: People suffering from low thyroid, have low energy levels which make them feel tired and lazy and could make them to skip their work out. Including the Recommended Amount of Fiber in Daily Diet: People who suffer from hypothyroidism or low thyroid are recommended a specific intake of fiber in their daily diet which they should take without fail. These weight loss tips if followed by the thyroid patients would ensure weight loss in them. The Thyroid Diet will help many previously unsuccessful dieters get diagnosed and treated -- and proper thyroid treatment may be all that's needed to successfully lose weight. For those patients, The Thyroid Diet identifies the many frustrating impediments to weight loss, and offers solutions--both conventional and alternative--to help. While some narrow-minded doctors dismiss thyroid disease as just another lame excuse for being overweight, the reality is that for millions of overweight people, thyroid disease is a very real reason behind weight problems. Blissfully ignorant, I assumed that all the symptoms -- and in particular, the weight -- would just melt off as quickly as it had appeared, now that I was getting my thyroid back in order. In 1997, I started several websites and newsletters that focus on thyroid disease and the issues patients face; and the sites have become the most popular patient-oriented thyroid websites on the Internet. A 16-year study by the American Cancer Society found that deaths from a wide variety of cancers -- including those of the breast, endometrium, colon, rectum, esophagus, pancreas, kidney, gallbladder, ovary, cervix, liver and prostate, as well as multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma -- are linked to excess weight and obesity. Your weight problem is most likely not an emotional issue that can be shouted and bullied out of you by a television personality. Your friend or spouse could go on the same diet as you, lose a pound or two -- or even more -- a week, and you might stay the same, or even gain weight. Excitingly, for some of you, just getting treatment for your previously undiagnosed thyroid problem will be all that you need to return to a healthy weight, without a rigorous change in your diet and exercise! At that point, other approaches become central to losing weight, including ensuring that metabolism works as best as it can, resolving underlying nutritional deficiencies, treating depression and correcting brain chemistry imbalances, reducing stress, combating insulin resistance, treating food allergies and sensitivities, exercise, and many other key activities. I've culled through this vast sea of information to share with you the best tips, ideas, theories, and recommendations -- the ones that are working for me, and for many thousands of other thyroid patients. In The Thyroid Diet you'll find several different approaches to choose from, ranging from the less structured "Freeform" program, to options for those of you who are calorie and carbohydrate sensitive, to a more structured approach.
You should seek prompt medical care for any specific health issues and consult your physician or health practitioner before starting or changing any aspect of your medical treatment, diet or fitness regimen. If you have Hashimoto’s, it’s even more of a roller coaster ride with your weight fluctuating up and down ceaselessly. When it comes to your body, sugar is pretty much just as bad if not even worse for you considering the inflammation it creates in addition to helping you pack on the pounds. Looking at all of these factors paints a pretty clear picture of what might be stalling weight loss and exacerbating symptoms. When you’re stressed, you are sending a continuous stream of cortisol into the body which as we learned above, is a major no-no for weight loss. When I create a custom-menu plan for a client, it involves the efficient use of all ingredients throughout the week for time-friendly, budget-friendly recipes and grocery lists. She provides one-of-a-kind, long-lasting health, lifestyle and career overhauls through her services at The Healthy Plate and Thyroid Loving Care. This online, interactive thyroid health coaching program, provides a practical, real-world strategy to reversing disease & includes a 6-week step-by-step action plan, guides to thyroid basics, testing, treatments, and symptoms and a 4-week meal plan + cookbook.
Unless the genes are re-programed to the youth gene clusters dominance, no amount of dieting and exercise prevents regaining the weight lost unless the genes are reset. Spending a fortune on a highly expensive product does not guarantee that it is good for you and works any better. I have my own little routine of 22 minutes every other day done early in the morning so that I know after a busy day at work I have already done my exercise for the day. I’ve just finally set up my basic lifestyle plan and have been following it now for about 4-6 months as I keep adding or subtracting something new to it as I go along. But for a person suffering from thyroid disorder, losing excess weight could be a task that would be really hard to accomplish. The doctor would generally give the same kind of weight loss tips that are given to the normal people. Generally, people are advised to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water in a day but for people with thyroid problem would have to add an additional glass of water for every extra pound to get that effect. They could also ask their doctor to recommend such medication which would work on the thyroid condition and improve the metabolism, thus helping in weight reduction. Those twenty-three pounds have been with me for almost ten years and nothing was moving them.
And learning about thyroid disease and its symptoms -- beyond weight problems -- and how to get diagnosed, can be critical steps that address the underlying cause of your weight gain, help restore your hope and health, and allow healthy diet and exercise to finally work the way they should!

Only a few cancers -- lung cancer, bladder cancer, brain cancer and melanoma were found to have no link to excess weight. Yet most overweight people find it very hard to lose weight, because dropping pounds keeping them off are very plain difficult. You very well may gain weight more easily than others, and you probably won't lose weight as easily or quickly as others. No miracle pill that will make the pounds melt away, or food that will allow you to eat all you want and lose weight overnight. Herbs and supplements, stress reduction techniques, prescription weight loss drugs, ways to deal with food sensitivities, exercise guidelines, even innovative new approaches like mesotherapy, that can help you get on track. You'll find food lists and a host of innovative suggestions that can help you get to a healthier weight. I’ve heard from readers that rave about Paleo for improving their hypothyroidism symptoms including help with weight loss. In fact, my last meal on this planet will be a steaming plate of biscuits and gravy, this I know for sure. Without knowing your unique set of symptoms, there are some basic things that all thyroid sufferers can do to help keep the pounds at bay. It’s imperative that you build in time for you to just breathe and relax each and every day.
Gene research has now proved this and I have been on a 3 month program that has reset my gene clusters, I have lost weight, and being menopausal many of my mood swings have ceased.
LOOK at their WEEKLY 6 Intro about this program and do your own research online for FREE and you will be able to follow your own program.
The websites and books that Jen has included for both reducing sugar and Paleo are fabulous resources. In a person suffering from thyroid problem, the metabolism is very low which leads to lower levels in energy and thus any effort put into losing weight could go to waste or yield very low results. But a person suffering from thyroid problem it is necessary to work harder and to be more careful about the diet. And my Thyroid Diet Success Guide, a simple 40-page summary of weight loss tips that was the inspiration for this book, has inspired many thousands of thyroid patients to successfully lose weight. Your eating habits are probably not very different than your friend or family members, who are at a normal weight. Although, I tailor sugar detox plans for some of my clients, I heartily recommend Diane Sanfilipo’s 21-Day Sugar Detox or Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar. There is a lot of conflicting information about what is and isn’t considered Paleo so I just use my common sense and eat meals that are balanced for me and works for my clients. They should also be well aware of how to work to ensure weight loss in an effective and healthy way.
They could enroll into a Tai chi, Kickboxing or Kung Fu class and make exercise and workout time an exciting and fun time which they look forward to.
To learn how to get back on track when my weight loss efforts get stalled or even derailed.
And throughout it all have been the letters, thousands each month, from people all around the world -- describing their symptoms, asking if they could have a thyroid problem, describing their symptoms, their inexplicable and frustration weight gain, their misery over not feeling well. Your body may truly refuse to lose weight on rabbit food, Weight Watchers, or the Atkins Diet. What I didn't realize was the damage that was done to my thyroid gland would mess me up for the rest of my life.
Thyroid patients writing to ask why, despite rigorous diets and exercise programs, they were still not losing weight. I gained weight from about 105-110 when I graduated from high school to about 205 being my top weight.
People who said they crying as they wrote their emails, describing how being overweight made them feel ugly, old, worthless and unattractive, and nothing was working in their attempts to get the weight off. So, no matter what you are going to do the work so why pay an additional $497 when the knowledge is out there on the internet for FREE.
I do 20 for each leg but then bump it up to more as you keep working out and feel that your body can handle it. Find out what makes you sick with symptoms, what doesn’t make you sick with symptoms and what actually works for your body.
Check your Vit D levels (for gut absorbtion), you might need a RX from your doctor for (50,000iu weekly to help your gut to be able to start absorbing medications and foods). Read labels carefully to make sure the product you’re using includes lycopene and lutein, and does not contain pre-formed vitamin A, Take Curcumin 665 mg is a naturally occurring compound found in the spice turmeric that has been used for centuries as an Ayurvedic medicine treatment for such ailments as allergies, diabetes and ulcers.

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