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A few products—including green tea, calcium and fiber supplements—show promise for helping users lose a modest 3-4 pounds as part of a reduced calorie diet. How to lose weight from Science: If you have a stubborn insulin you hold fat and have a hard time losing weight.
BUT when researchers used a specialized diabetes diet on people with OR without diabetes they lost the stubborn insulin and the weight. ManoreВ reviewed the evidence for hundreds of weight loss supplements, in four categories:В 1) Appetite suppressants, 2) pills that block absorption of fat or carbohydrates, 3) stimulants such as caffeine or ephedra that can rev up metabolism and 4) products like conjugated linoleic acid that claim to decrease the amount of body fat.

Weight loss supplements can causeВ detrimental health issues ranging from the mild (bloating, gas) to the serious (increased risk for heart attack and stroke). One of the biggest problems is that there’s just so little oversight in the supplement industry. This means some weight-loss products are no better than a tic-tac for helping you shed pounds—while others are chock full of dangerous and sometimes even banned pharmaceutical ingredients. Uh, that would be none of them, according to aВ giant review published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism.

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