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The Weight Destroyer program is a unique weight loss program designed for people who are looking to get a slimmer body without having to go through the clichГ© diets that have been around for decades. The program helps the dieter to fully understand how the body works and the reasons behind weight gain.
The program starts by explaining why and how the body gains weight and gives you an insight on how to best lose weight.
In explaining how the body works, the program also explains why traditional diets do not work. The program, since it emphasises on a healthy weight balance, provides you with a list of foods and drinks that are healthy for you and will make your weight loss a success. The program comes with custom made diet plan based on healthy foods that accelerate weight loss. The Weight Destroyer ProgramВ comes with a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee just in case you do not achieve any results within 30 days of following the program or if you do not like the results.
This program is unique because unlike others, it concentrates on encouraging the body to burn fat by increasing the body’s core temperature. This information helps you understand how your body gains weight and therefore becomes easy for you to know what you need to do in order to shed off fat. The program is good for you because you do not need to go on an extreme diet or to exercise too much in order to succeed.
It also explains what the ideal healthy weight for every individual is, emphasising that skinny is not necessarily healthy.

The book gives you a 30 day kick start eating program with a list of foods and drinks that you should take over the 30 day period. It does not concentrate on the diet program period only but in your health life in general. The program gives you delicious recipes that you will enjoy making and eating for 30 days as you start off the program and that you can continue to eat even after the program. The program does not involve strenuous workouts that will bore you as the main emphasis of the program is to make significant changes dietary habits.
Since the program concentrates on healthy eating and improving your metabolism, it thus not only helps you to lose weight but also repairs any damaged cells in your body. The program’s recipes have meat as the main ingredient and therefore it will not work for vegetarians and vegans.
If you are interested in gaining muscles, this program will not work for you because it does not emphasis on body building but more on what you eat.
The program was designed by Michael Wren, a man who struggled with obesity for years and almost died due to being overweight. The book helps you to understand what your weight balance should be so that you are neither overweight nor underweight.
This kind of hunger slows down your body temperature and metabolism making it difficult to lose weight. Michael Wren advices you on how to stay healthy after losing your desired weight and how to ensure that you don’t add more weight after completing the program.

The program clearly explains the science behind weight gain in a manner that is easy to comprehend and doesn’t end up feeling that you are studying Greek.
The program does not eliminate food groups, but instead it advises on which foods are healthy and which ones are not and when to eat and when not to.
According to Wren, you don’t need excessive exercise to lose weight, simply increase your metabolism which then will help in burning fat faster and you will ultimately lose a considerable amount of weight. You also do not need to spend any extra money from buying supplements or exercise videos all the information you need for your weight loss routine is provided in the PDF. The only exercise the program requires you to do is a maximum 30 minutes workout every day, this is not enough to gain muscles. The program also provides you with a list of home based tests to monitor your health after the program to ensure you remain healthy all the time. The program incorporates all food groups to provide your body with all the necessary nutrients required by your body to stay healthy.

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